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Hey! I need to get back on track with drawing shit, so here we are.

I've been working on rough/sketched character sheets and I'd love some art as I go along~ I'm willing to draw a doodle in turn - or, if you really give me the good ol' razzle dazzle, I'd be happy to do a character sheet for you. I only ask that you either have a bunch of refs already, or you're willing to hold tight and accept my interpretations with your writing + MSPaint doodles or something. :u I do furs, scalies, humanoids, men, women, whatever.

I'll give you what you give me, or something of similar quality. I've been too lazy to proper line anything (evident in these sheets...) but I'll be willing to pull out the stops this time around! Maybe.

Warning because I got in trouble for this:
I draw characters in the nude for character sheets. Please be advised that there is uncensored glutes. No genitalia, but glutes. I'd do the same for a trade unless otherwise specified~

Sheets I've doodled so far:

I also work with traditional media/copics, but uh, I'm not sure if I'd want to put in the effort - but here's proof I actually know how to do more than just doodled naked bodies:



Let's get to it!
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How can we work something out? I love your style and I would love to talk to you about some long term work, if you are interested, aside from figuring out some sort of trade or whatever else may work for you :)