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  1. The "game" works like this:

    Write down a cool thing you did recently.

    Perhaps it will inspire us all to do more cool things.

    To start:

    I did a 5-minute plank. It hurt. It was awesome.
  2. Um...been learning to drive. Does that count?
  3. Filling out job applications?!? Is that cool?
  4. Made a new race of vampires, called the Jairen, due to an exercise. :D

  5. i just learned to do these today. i did 3 sets of ten. sloppily.

    this is SOOO much harder than it looks.

    even sloppy, it still hit my core and obliques like a sledgehammer.

    can't wait to polish it up and really get some reps in.

    who needs a gym when i can go to the playground?
  6. I fixed a bed at work today!
    The maintenance team had already left for the day, and a new resident's electric bed quite literally broke into pieces.
    I got a screwdriver and I put the ungodly contraption back together, in one (functioning!) piece!
    (heroic pose)
  7. I went to the moon and back JK

    I watched a scary anime and didn't scream at all *pretty proud of myself*
  8. Well, this is something I did today and have been doing for a while. I've been taking care of this kitten that has been roaming around our house. We live in a neighborhood that is not to friendly to stray cats so I've been trying to find a home for the little guy (we already have two cats that do not need fleas so the kitten has to stay outside). That is the coolest thing I've done today XD.

    Ohhh, and here is a picture!

    Kitten! (open)
    little kitten.jpg
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  9. Went to parkour
  10. Watched a performance by a Slam Poet Champion!
    If you don't know what Slam Poetry is, it's a poetry competition. There are five judges, and they each judge each of the poets scores. We watched the national Australian winner of 2011 perform. It was awesome. And I won the metaphor competition :)
  11. I was social and was outside almost all day (this was yesterday XD)
  12. saw friends at gen con
  13. Ballet danced as my bestie played the Super Mario Kart theme tune.

    On a piano.

    Is that cool?
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  14. Held balance on a very thin bar for one minute straight
  15. Actually slept through the night without waking up once. (For a severe insomniac like myself, this is a miracle.)
  16. Learnt how to perform the Rose Adiago at my ballet school today, nearly broke my leg but I did it! Am now extremely proud of myself XD :balletdancer::applause::dance:
    See here
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  17. parkour in the snow!
  18. I went stealth mode to catch a bird and throw it out the house...
  19. I got my cat to lay with me on my bed and now that's become one of her more regular spots :D

    Picture (open)
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  20. I have officially perfected my raptor impersonation without breaking my vocals.
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