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  1. Grantsworth: Home for the critically insane. That's where we live. We've all made mistakes, We've all seen or done things normal people wouldn't do- but the thing is, to us we are normal or to most of us. The voices tell me I'm normal everyday, but then again maybe the voices are what's wrong with me. Nobody here know's why everyone's so afraid, but the thing is- This is now our home. This is the place where people dump off the unwanted and to them- we're the unwanted. Nobody know's my story- nobody know's their story because nobody could understand. If you are insane, you'll understand the insane- that's our motto. Everyday more and more of us get transported in here- and soon, I'm afraid we'll get more then we can handle.

    Go ahead and jump in! Character Sheets would be preferred but are NOT required, post in the chat 'Character Sheets!!' if you do them please!(:
    P.s. Just make sure to have a good back story pleasee (:
  2. Where is this located? Or is it right here?
  3. ~~~Character Sheet~~~

    Name: Arcturus or Arc

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male (Preferred form)

    Species: Unknown

    Physical Description: Arc is a shifter, meaning he can shift forms. His favorite form is a Male Elven youth of about 15 with brown hair and neon-green eyes. He wears a black cloak with a blood red inside with a hood. He also wears a blue shirt and black pants. He is small in size, making him agile. He is acrobatic as well. He doesn't have much muscle and prefers to fight with a dagger.

    Personality: He is carefree and friendly. For the few friends he has, he is very protective. He is cunning and likes to plan, instead of rushing in.

    Bio/History: He woke up in a glade, surrounded by tall grass. He was alone and without any idea of who or where he was. He tried to stand up, but he collapsed, unsteady on his feet. For hours, he taught himself how to walk and run. For years after, he learned what plants were edible and which were deadly. He climbed trees, made shelter, hunted, and explored. One day, as he was tending the leg of a young injured deer, he felt heat and turned to see smoke rising from the forest. Curious, he finished with the deer and ran to see where the smoke was coming from. He saw the fire, the blackened corpses of plants and animals, and he ran. He ran for many hours. Out of the forest and through a small town. He ran until he collapsed in the middle of a field. When he awoke, he was in a warm room covered by a soft blanket. A young girl sat nearby, watching him. She gasped when she saw him awake and ran for her father. The man started talking, the words incomprehensible to him. He spent a large portion of his life there, learning to speak and to work. His life went on like this for a long time, until the King's Knights came. They took all able men in the village to work for the King. When a band of nearby raiders learned of this, they attacked, killing everyone and taking everything. They set fire to the houses and market. He stood there frozen, the memory of the day years before replaying in his mind. Then he saw the raiders take the girl. They began to shove her around and slice her clothes. A veil of red covered his vision, his body acting on impulse. When he regained control, he was standing amidst a field of red. Bodies littered the roads, whether they were raiders or villagers, he could not tell. He looked up and saw the girl, staring at him in fear. He looked down at the blood his reflection staring back at him. At least, that's what he should have seen. Instead, the face of a wolf, the kind found in his old forest home, stared back at him. He took a moment to register this fact, then looked up at the girl again. "What happened? Why are there so many dead bodies?" He asked the girl. She stared at him, he could see the horror in her eyes. Slowly she replied, "Demon... You're a demon!" With this, she took off running. Her feet left bloody footprints in the ground, which he followed. Even when the footsteps disappeared, he still walked. He walked until his feet were scratched and bloody. He found a pond and drank deeply from it, quenching his overwhelming thirst. When he pulled back, again he saw the wolf, water dripping from its muzzle. Then he looked at himself. He was on four legs and covered with fur. Then came the realization of all that had happened. HE had killed everyone. HE was the demon. He broke down, crying from the realization. He cried himself to sleep by the pond, where he remained for several days, waiting for himself to change back. A priest found him there. The priest took him in and cared for him. When he finally spoke, he told the priest, whose name he learned was Thomas, what had happened. Thomas sat and listened, unsurprised by the talking wolf before. Thomas told him the story of ancient nature mages, the Plant Mages, the Animal Mages, the Elemantal Mages and, finally, the Shifters. The Shifter were capable of changing their bodies to that of any living being. He trained with Thomas, learning to master his power. Before he could master his power, Thomas was struck ill. He was very old by this time and close to death anyways. Thomas died within days, he was distraught over his mentor's death and left his home. He wandered for a long time, working for food and shelter, before finding his way to the Kingdom of Astaeron, where he planned to make a new life for himself.

    Other details: He shifts his molecular structure to morph into any organism. When he comes into contact with an organism, his body absorbs a small amount of DNA and stores it for later use. The transformation takes 3 seconds to finish.

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  4. Being insane. My definition.

    If we jump into the ocean with nothing but the clothing we came into this world with, are we insane? Insane is a word to describe the people who break from the norm just to feel the rush, the excitement, the joy that life "apparently" has.
    I will never contort to form to judgmental standards. Live life fully. What ever you "fully" is.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Mikan Asuna Lioki (She prefers to be called MoMo by Friends)
    Age: 16
    Birthday: October 30th
    Species: Human
    Personality: "Mom? Dad?" She called, "I'm scared... Th-there's noises coming from the living room..." She whispered, she walked to the bed and began to rub her hand around, hoping to find her parents legs still in there- it was empty. She sighed and took her hand off the bed, ignoring the wet feeling covering her hands, Maybe they're out in the living room! Mikan walks down the hallway and stops as she begins to hear sobs, Michiko? She peaks in the doorway to see her mom on her knee's over Michiko, Why's she crying over Michiko? She's just asleep! She begins to walk towards her mom but stops as she see's her cover in blood, she gasped but slapped her hand over her mouth, "Please! Just let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone j-just let us go!" Her mom sobs, the man who she hadn't noticed before held a gun to her head, "Sorry bitch, say goodbye." Her mom screams and her eyes widen as she makes eye contact with Mikan, "Mika-" she begins to scream and was followed by a gunshot and blood splattering across the wall. Mikan screams, tears streaming out of her eyes, "Mommy!" She screams, The man turns around and faces her with a smirk, "Looks like your next li-" Everything after that went black, the next thing she knew the police stormed in and she was covered in blood sitting on the floor- This isn't my blood... She looked over and noticed the man on the ground headless, her eyes widen and tears flowed out of her eyes and a ear piercing scream escaped her mouth, D-did I do that?! She was quickly removed from the scene and was brought to the foster home, she slowly started to have nightmares and flash backs followed by frequent black outs. After her final one she was brought to Grantsworth at age 10, she was strapped to her bed after another one of her flash backs and she looked around panicking, "Help!" She screams, flash backs flowing through her mind, "Somebody help!"
    After she was admitted to the insane house she's only gotten worse and has never gotten out- 6 years inside she's forgotten what it's like to be outside.
  6. imagesCA0I52Y4.jpg imagesCA0I52Y4.jpg

    Name: Ginger Ail
    Age: 24
    Birthday: Aquarius
    Species: Human, Gunslinging, Guardian
    Personality: Understands when she is not needed but will still keep her mind strong and focused just incase she is needed.
    Strong mind, body, soul, and heart.
    Looks out for the common good of everyone, even when they do not deserve it.
    Her home life was non existant. Who knows how she even came about. She questions life and the ability to believe in a being, God, who others say are the reason we walk this earth...
    She will question all of your beliefs as so, "What if we are actually all not on 'Earth'? What if we are on a meteor and we are creating our own way of surviving? So we call the things we "know" such as; rocks, grass and air, as if we KNOW this all to be factual. What if your reality is completely different than mine...
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  7. Remember- this thread is for questions and Character Sheet's ONLY. The other one (Link sent earlier) Is where the real role play is.
  8. ~~~Character Sheet~~~

    Name: Terra

    Age: 17

    Gender: female

    Species: Shape shifter

    Physical Description: long dark red hair with black dyed ends. Covered in claw marks. Usually wears a tank top that is ripped at the bottom so it's cropped, Jean shorts, fishnet tights, and thigh-high leather boots

    Personality: acts really tough but is actually quite sensitive, is bipolar.

    Other information: is schizophrenic, has constant nightmares, hears voices yelling at her when stressed out or put under extreme pressure

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  9. [​IMG]

    Rose Kastia McCarthy

    September 12th

    "Heh, you haven't seen what I've seen, suffered what I've suffered. You didn't live that day.."
    2 Years Ago..
    "Dude yeah I caught her walking home, she asked for a cigarette and well she's ours now time to hunt!" Rose heard as she woke up in a cage. She was wearing her clothes she wore to school and her purse was laying across on the floor her phone, folders, and books scattered across the floor.
    "Please, I beg of you. Don't sell me out to anyone don't do anything to me, I just want to go home"
    Rose said as a tear fell, she wiped a strand of her orange hair from her face.
    "Silly girl, you really think we'd let go such a prize so early! Think again girly."
    Rose cried and huddled into the corner of her cage as the men left, the one forgetting to take his gun with him. This was her chance she just had to grab..the door it just opened she could run out. Rose grabbed her gun the purse, her phone was dead she snuck to the door and peered out and nothing so she took the gun and ran out into the woods. The moon shone down giving her a obvious she snuck into the woods on the other side. Pitch black as she heard a sound and turned there was a light. Slowly she crept towards it, a flashlight.
    "Where is that son of a ***** she didn't take the path dude! Clever whatever it's a better hunt"
    "Yeah yeah, keep looking it was your idea to give her a gun and not the knife"
    Rose walked up to a drain made of concrete and sat in it then she heard a shot
    "Dude I see her! In the drain!"
    Rose sat quietly and pointed the gun at the entrance of the drain she saw the man and shot hitting him as he fell. Then the other came behind her and knocked her out and as she woke up he was doing something to her. Horrible disgusting to her. She had blood on her and the gun was beside the man she saw through squinted eyes the man didn't know she was awake so she took the gun unoticeably the man to worried in his actions and hit him over the head. She shot him and ran as she found her way back to the room she realized she was lucky to live, as she looked all around her she wasn't the first victim. This image scars her till now and she still freaks out when anyone mentions sexual interactions. Preferring to find friends in other female patients after being there for 2 years she's opened up to some male patients but this wasn't what she wanted.

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  10. Just realized that I posted the wrong character. ;-; Dang... Just ignore it.
  11. NAME
    Kiyo Hiyo

    Nobody knows her birth name, not even her. This is also her stage name, when she was a pop idol. Over time, she has gotten used to it.
    Immortal Human
    Kiyo Hiyo lost her mortal soul when she was only 19, and it was replaced with an immortal soul, in the year 1918. In other words, she has been living for many generations, as a 19 year old. For almost an entire decade, she has kept her youthful demeanor. She is beautiful enough to be a manufactured pop idol, with an asymmetrical face that could be observed for centuries. (And almost has)

    -Twisted, she has a rare conception of reality, that most might not have.
    -Doesn't care about anything except her outer appearances.
    -Selfish. She would harm others, just so her wishes can be brought into reality.

    Many years ago, Kiyo Hiyo was a pop idol. She was the symbol of innocence, the epitome of energy for young people. But she couldn't pose as a youthful pop idol forever, one who blew kisses to her fans and giggled on television interviews, because people would begin to suspect why she looked the same, year after year. Around 40 years back, she sent herself on a path of self-destruction. Kiyo Hiyo had overdosed on drugs, fucked every single man in sight, and destroyed the image she worked hard to create for herself. Every 4 years, Kiyo Hiyo creates a new personality. That way, she wouldn't have to have as much judgement from others.
    Her favorite words, said by her.
    "I'm always melting down, I'm always on the road to self destruction, there's a bomb inside of me and I know it's going to explode soon. I'm waiting foe it."
    Kiyo Hiyo was born to unknown parents in Toyko, Japan in the year 1899. Her childhood was spent roaming homeless homes, and she had discovered the horrors of reality at a young age. When she was 18, she decided to do something with her life -- she decided that she wanted to sing along with music, particularly the blues. Day and night, Kiyo Hiyo worked on her voice. It had become beautiful, and she felt herself smile for the first time at age 19. That wad changed, when she came into contact with a particular man, a troublemaker. Years passed, before she realized that her youthful demeanor would stay with her, for the rest of eternity.


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  12. 2011-01-15-363465RESIZED.png
    Name: Setsuna (Her previous asylum know her as "Void"or "Heartless")

    Age: 14
    DOB: December

    Gender: Female

    Species: Necromancer/Unknown

    Personality: Setsuna is reserved and is a person who is a good listener. Rather than giving advice, she listens and lets people vent their problems to her and she doesn't mind. She tends to make it difficult for people to read how she really feels because she acts as if nothing is wrong and always smiles which usually tends to push people away from her. This also causes most people to question why she was there, but others could tell by the fact that she belonged in the asylum because of her lack of emotion towards death and warped inner thoughts that end up as drawings. Of course, Setsuna never payed much attention to them and prefers to spend her time in silence and away from other people, or just having a conversation with the voices around her that only she can hear. Though she could also be found drawing in a sketchbook she always keeps with her that is filled with pictures of people that are brutally killed and dead, which is perceived to be the death/cause of death of those that speak to her of how they died unjustly.

    Bio: When Setsuna was young, she always claimed that she could hear voices that others couldn't, and when she spoke to her plushies, people and kids her age ridiculed her, isolating her in fear because of her inhumane drawings. Though the adults thought she would grow out of it eventually, she never did. After being sent to many psychiatrists and therapists, they could never figure out why and wondered if she just did it to gain attention since she was only a child. What they were concerned about her not growing out of, was the drawings that she always drew of people that had died unjustly. Thinking before, that her drawings had no meaning to it, they would always end up finding what she had drawn, was announced on the news days after her completed drawing. Her parents though, had never payed much attention to her and neglected her just to focus on other things like work, so she would talk to the voices that spoke to her to fill up the silence and loneliness she felt.

    By the time she was eight, her parents planned a hit and run accident to get rid of her. Being unsuccessful, they committed suicide afterwards. Setsuna didn't feel like a neglected child considering that her parents had tried to kill her. Neither did she feel sadness towards their death seeing as they were strangers to her and the fact that she revolved around the dead, people dying didn't bother her emotionally. Right after the accident and the announcement of her parent's death, she had to stay in the hospital because no relative would be willing to take her in. To pass the time, she drew pictures of her parents death and also including their attempt to kill her, which caused her to be sent to an asylum and was permanently bar coded on her left shoulder.

    As she grew older, some voices became louder and taunting that she wears headphones to keep their voices out. Eventually, the asylum she grew up in shut down and she was sent to another.
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  13. "Isabell is just a little girl what did she ever do to you! Oh yeah.... she killed you"

    Name: Isabell

    Age: 10
    DOB: August

    Gender: Female

    Species: Unknown

    About Isabell: Isabell has an.... Interesting personality. she always happy and she loves talking she even talks to her friend, Jeff her doll, but one thing is you never see her doll. who is this Jeff the doll?. she also tends to forget who people are sometimes and acts like slightly not like herself and creepy. she loves to talk about death which creeps a lot of people out because when ever she talks about it. the death away happens. its scared many people and she not liked by many.

    I'm not going to tell you her back story because I want to scare you and surprise you, I'm a horror fan and I'll surprise you with what she has done. she on the top of 'most creepy characters I never made.'
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  14. Name: Max Kvel. ((Kuh-Vel))

    Age: He looks 15 or maybe 17.

    Birthday: November 2nd.

    Species/Description: Max is a scandinavian-esque teenager, so human? Probably. Hopefully. He’s lightly tanned, and has a ragged spiked mop of brown hair, and eyes to match. He isn’t cut, or wounded, except for an old childhood wound on the top right of his skull, just a scar hidden by the hair now. Max would stand around ‘6”7, if he stood fully. His face has hard features, and is usually painted a bit. The underside of his jaw is black, with a red streak running from the middle of his neck to the bottom of his chin. He has a large dot of red infront of his ear, which leads a black streak following the side of his face and jaw back to the red streak. This is mirrored on the other side. His ears are pierced, with a gold ring sitting in both of the holes. He has good teeth, and grins nearly constantly. He is wearing a straitjacket, but broken at the hands, and not restricting at all. He wears this for no apparent reason, for better clothes could easily be obtained.

    Backstory/WhyHe’sHere: Max travels from place to place, finally coming to a rest here. His memory is shaky, and he’d probably forget you if he didn’t try not to. He perches himself up on the roof of the asylum, spending his days up in the wind and air. Max speaks of many things, thats what got him in the “insane” category in the first place. He likes watching the other people interact,
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Zenna "Z" Raybell
    Age: Barely 17
    Personality: Z is one of the nicest girls you could ever meet. She loves making others laugh and laughing herself. Others tend to judge her as a "stupid no-good idiot" because she likes to read and talk to her best friend "Elliot". Elliot can't be seen by anybody but Z, which was one of the many reasons she was thrown into the mental home. She never understood why they sent her away, but was glad when Elliot was still there. Z also loves to write stories about true love and the usual "prince saving princess" cliche.
    Looks: Z has blondish-gold hair with ocean blue eyes. She's tall, around 5'6'' when standing straight. Her attire is usually a long sleeve sweat shirt and sweat pants. Most of the time, Z will either leave her hair down or part it into two braids like her mom used to do.
    Background/How she arrived: Z was living comfortably in her house when suddenly, she heard footsteps in her room. Turning in shock, she saw a boy about a year older than her standing in her room. She gasped and was about to scream when the boy held up his hands, a desperate look on his face. Z closed her mouth again and took a few steps towards the boy. "Please don't scream. They won't believe you if you do." He said, a tinge of pleading in his voice. Z raised an eyebrow and looked over the boy. He had glasses, eyes the color of melted gold, and red hair that went all the way down to his chin. "Why wouldn't they believe me?" She asked, curiosity layering her voice. The boy sighed and raked a hand through his red hair. "Because, I'm a spirit." He said, turning his golden eyes up to Z's blue ones. "A...spirit? You mean, you used to be alive?" Z asked, feeling her hands go numb. The boy nodded and rubbed his arm. "I'm Elliot, by the way." He said, giving her a nice little grin. Z couldn't help but smile and nod. "I'm-" Elliot cut her off. "Zenna. I know. I've been here ever since you moved in." He said, flopping down onto her bed. "Just call me Z." She said, sitting back down into her computer chair...
    (I'll explain the rest when I make my first post)

    This is Elliot (minus the red nail polish)