You Always Steal my Thunder!

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  1. Yue was hitting the books hard when it happened. She had to. Otherwise, her family would be out on the streets. The fate of her family rested on her and her older brother's shoulders. She couldn't let this scholarship she had worked so hard to get go go waste. Looking over her textbooks and assignments she had received, she got to work. She had been studying but an hour when a voice came up behind her. Looking back, she could see it was one of the Hitachiin twins. They had been famous all throughout the school, mainly because of the Host Club this school had. She had been there a few times, but the twins always seemed to be booked. Not that she cared. She usually just went in to have a look around. She was accosted by the Host Club's vice president who, for some reason, knew she was a scholarship student too, just like Haruhi. Other than that, nothing really eventful had happened since she visited.

    She stopped her studies and turned to face him.

    "What's up?"

    "Hi, I'm Hikaru Hitachiin. I am sure you are aware of my name...stupid me...It's just, those few times you came in, I couldn't help but see how beautiful you are. I would greatly appreciate and love to go on a date with least once...would that be ok?"

    A confession? No, a date request for her? Not that she was against it, but she had a lot on her plate. Luckily, she only had one of her 2 part time jobs today and it was in the evening. Looking at her homework, she had finished most of it, since it was easy. She didn't see why she couldn't accept his offer. She kissed his cheek playfully.

    "Sure, Where do you want to go?"

    His face held that look of you-just-accepted?!. He tried to straigten up as to not look like a fool.

    "I'd like to show you my place, since not everyone gets to see it..."

    He was bold, asking her to his place on the first date, but she liked that. She packed up her things and grabbed his hand.

    "Sounds great! Let's go! Lead the way!" at that, a flustered Hikaru started to walk her to his place.
  2. Ayame sat at her usual table at the host club, right by the window over looking the court yard which was exceptionally beautiful today. Her cushioned table was set perfectly between the twins and her brother, Takashi. Sometimes she would sit with her brother and cousin, but they usually had reservations which meant that she would have to sit somewhere else. Ayame isn't exactly falling for the twins brotherly love acts, but rather she found them humorous. Every now and then her and Kaoru would catch eyes and she would smile politely and look back out the window. He was her favorite of the two, he was more mature when he wasn't with Hikaru. And now one of those moments had arrived.

    "Um Ayame-chan?" A voice said, drawing her attention away from a flock of birds that had just flown out of some trees. She turned and saw Karou standing there rather nervously she added.

    "Oh, hello Kaoru." She said with a warm smile. "How are you today?" She asked holding her hand out to the open seat across the table.

    "Oh thank you, but I'd rather not sit right now. I'm well thank you. I um.... I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me?" Kaoru asked with a smile, a slight redness in his cheeks. This caust Ayame in complete surprise, her eyes widening some. She looked around Kaoru to look at Mori-senpei who gave a small nod with a smile.

    "I'd love to." Ayame said, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. This cause Kaoru's grin to grow from ear to ear.

    "Wonderful! I'll pick you up around 6. We can have dinner at my house!" He said giving her a paper with his number on it. "Be sure to be ready!"