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  1. Yopo is an ancient word of glory and "yo-ness"

    Hello! I'm Barnaby, I'm relatively new here, ( I've been stalking the site for a few days now. ) and I've finally decided to make an account and join in the fun and joy of roleplaying!

    I'm an experienced roleplayer so it shouldn't be too hard to fit in! I've been playing pen and paper rpgs for a long long time and writing and creating stories for even longer!

    I'm actually starting up a blog. I'm going to be helping writers do what they do,
    ( Write. ). Like I've wrote an article about how as a writer to find someplace you can sit down and focus on writing. I'm going to be doing plenty of articles like that, they might have to do with how to develop interesting characters, how to beat writers block, how to get published etc.

    So, without further ado, lets get onto the roleplays I tend to take part in. The thing is though, there's no real answer to that, I really do roleplay any genre I feel like.
    ( Not usually Fandom or Mature RPs though. ) I'm quite experienced in writing a lot of genres too. ( I've written plenty of short stories and started even more novels. Haven't finished too many things though. ;[ )

    Anyway. If theres anything you think I should know about Iwaku before I plunge in, tell me about it or just say hello!

    Signing off...
    ( Not really, I'm probably going to jump into some jump in roleplays. )
  2. Glad you decided to join.

    I'm October nice to meet you :)
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  3. Nice to meet you too! I look forward to my adventures upon the site!
  4. Well hi. I've stalked you as you stalked these here forums O.O
    I, too, am new.
  5. Hui there Barnaby! :D It's awesome to have more people around that like to share and help! <3 Maybe you can post some things in our Roleplay Institute!
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  6. Nice to meet a fellow story-lover ;)
    Feel free to join any of my rps when I post them (possibly this weekend ) :^^
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