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  1. Do you watch Yogscast? Do you like rolelaying? Are you adept at writing? This may be the thread topic for you!

    Basically, I'm just looking for other Yogscast roleplayers. Considering the nature of the fandom, I have been having a very hard time finding willing players for text based roleplays, so while obviously there are certain scenarios I'd love to play out, I'd be pretty happy to do any sort of roleplaying based on it! What I mean by that is, have a roleplay idea and need a partner into Yogscast? I'm your player!

    I am an adept roleplayer, and while I would prefer my partners be adept as well, honestly some of the best people I've ever played with in roleplays couldn't be called even 'adept' players, and players that fall under the titles 'advanced' had a bad habit of being the most boring people on the face of the planet :/ So what I'm saying with that is, I'm willing to take a chance with you, no matter how good or bad your writing is, because I'm far more interested in what you do with your character then what you do with your paragraphs.

    Also, I LOVE yaoi, but am not married to it.

    My roleplay ideas:

    NavalGazing!: I really enjoy roleplays where its just two characters just sort of discussing random shit. MSparp has instilled this love in me due to its random playing style, and I'd love to so something similar with Yogscast characters.

    Mafia!Yogscast: Not as in the somewhat popular AU on tumblr, but as in the Mafia game you've likely seen in the form of, say, Trouble in Terrorist Town or Salems Lot or Rabbit Doubt or Wolves or whatever. I just think it'd be fun to play a round using the Yogscast characters.

    FluxBuddies: EVIL!Kim This is heavily fetish for me, but I have a real thing for unequal relationships between someone with supernatural abilities and someone without, and I'd love to explore that sort of relationship between Duncan and Kim. However, BECAUSE it is a fetish idea, and thus could potentially lead to very dark, very NSFW stuff, I will only roleplay this scenario with 18+ players. I'm an adult, people, me sexting with teenagers is called pedophelia :/