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  1. i joined a couple of days ago, my friend showed me here. but i'm technically still a newb since i only get on this site a couple of times xD
    sooooo uhh hi
  2. Hello Exion! I'm grateful your friend has showed you this place. Don't worry about being new to this sort of thing. There are useful tools you can use to help you out. Click on the "Home" tab near the top left of the screen and you'll see some great resources to help get you started, especially the 101s. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Exion! :D
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! It's a fun place for stuff other than role playing, too! Have you checked out the Groups tab yet? (You can meet other Iwakuans who share your interests) or the Content Boards for some fun writing challenges?

    You can always PM me ('start a conversation') if you're bored or confused :)
  5. Hey ho! Nice t'meetcha, Exion!

    I DEVOUR NEW PEOPLES CAUSE THEY'RE WEIRD So I hope you find this place fun! It's full of eccentric, normal, crazy, spontaneous, calculating, and uninhibited peoples!

    There's a lot of things you can do here! Of course, you can roleplay, but there's also chatting, and ways to improve your writing skills. Have a look around and don't be afraid to ask a member if you don't understand something! Except me, cause I'll devour you like the violent newb eater I am