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  1. Harmony kiss him back lightly.
  2. Astaroth deepened the kiss and hels her close.
  3. “No particular reason.”
  4. The last 2 sentences' supposed to be a new paragraph. Slight mistake when copy pasting by me.
  5. morning :3
  6. Harmony tilt her head a little.
  7. “... yes.”
  8. 'Tis meant to be a lore entry of sorts. See, I'm designing an AU based on some content from my original universe, Benelim. The gist is that this particular subject, Ode, the Oden, Fade Affinity, the Fade, is meant to be a kind of 'insertable' item into a world if the creator allows it. And when the time comes, an integral part of the AU regarding Benelim.
  9. "How does spaghetti sound?' He called from the kitchen.