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  1. First of all, good afternoon, ladies and gents. Name's Aztec and hopefully I'll be your RP partner xD.

    Anyways, just kidding there, did the humour captivate your curiosity so you're now reading this complex sentence?

    This simple sentence?

    What about this one?

    You're still here? If you are, I don't mind giving you an orthograph jaja. Now, I promise I'll stop messing around now.

    I've been rping since I was in my early teens, reading back on those first few months of rping, well, I thoroughly doubt I've ever cringed so much in my life, the cringiness that is saved in those chats is definetly unreal, trust me xD.

    I guess, another fun fact about me is my use of emoji's, my favorite one being the 'xD'; however the moment I stop laughing at the end of my sentences and stop using emoji's, well, that means I'm either really serious or you've touched a nerve. Needless to say, it will probably never be latter since I'm too laid back for my own good.

    If this queer message has captivated some of your interest and you've had a flick through my profile page and read the 'about me section', I do have several roleplay ideas in mind, so, shoot me a message I promise I don't bite xDD
  2. Welcome! we're happy to have you :)
  3. Well. Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku if you need any help feel free to ask and if you want to join some RPs you can ask me and I can invite you to a few RPs Im in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.