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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Hina; or you may call me Sarah.
    I'm known quite frequently in the roleplaying world, among decent roleplayers. I think I'm good anyways. Haha, but I will let anyone who roleplays with me decide if I'm good, or not so good.


    I'm looking for roleplay partners who would be interested in doing one x one roleplays. Any kind.

    Slice of life
    OC concepts
    Canon concepts
    Real life concepts.
    Medieval concepts
    Middle Earth
    etc. SO forth.

    BASICALLY, what I'm looking for are partners who are able to post as requent as they can; write well, with para to multi para replies. And be able to adapt. I'm looking for someone passionate, who cares about the roleplay and actually puts forth effort of giving ideas and designs into the story, whichever story we choose. I have over 100+ muses to pick from. All ranging in age, detail, depth and dating. I have ALL KINDS of characters. So, let's chose, and pick one! Start up a story together.

    However; my one rule, as some people call it. "SMUT" , I will not do. I do erotica. completely different.
    Also, if we ARE doing canon, at least have some common sense to know what you're talking about. (ex. Anime. Movies. etc)
    As per, "OC", we can make that up as we go along unless you are like me sometimes and decide you want practicality and depth. If you're interested, message or comment <3

    So, that sums it up.
    Looking for roleplay partners.
    Open minded.
    Ready to go.

    Thanks all.
  2. Im interested in a yuri rp.
  3. Erotica huh? ; D Lol...
  4. Lol, I don't do "erotica" with males. That is my one acception. XD
  5. No erotica, just a romance with fade to black.
  6. I'm here, I care, I'm interested.
    Are you still looking for partners?
  7. Haha yeah, I'm still here.
  8. What about the yuri one x one?
  9. What was your idea.
  10. I dont much have one. Something that involves my samurai girl.
  11. ~(,_,)~ *flails arms weakly*
  12. I'm interested in doing an anime role play, if you're still looking for partners ^^
  13. I've got a couple old characters with very different backgrounds/settings I've been wanting to use for a while. Either could be a MxF or MxM, and anything from fade-to-black to erotica (which I read as soft porn, basically, is that right?) is cool with me. I could PM you for more details? :)
  14. Go ahead (: Verona, PM me.
  15. Okay, literally getting blown off. Awesome.
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Not open for further replies.