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  1. Hiya! Futaba here ;3
    I got some idea's and plots FINALLY!
    So here they are!
    I play female
    Princess x Prince -Arrange marriage-
    Princess x Pirate
    Lost princess x Pirate
    Princess x Bartender
    Runway princess x Runaway prince
    Princess x young/new king
    Bad boy/girl x Good girl/boy
    Killer x Victim
    Killer x Killer
    Neko x Boy

    I play male
    Brother x Sister -Twins-
    Boy next door
    Shy girl x Bad boy
    Rude boy x Nice girl
    Bad boy x good girl
    Short boy x Tall girl

    Plots! Plots! PLOTS!
    Adoption (I play male) 5/5
    Nathan, a young adult with a bad case of depression has his therapist suggest getting a child.
    Nathan unsure about the idea decides to try and goes to an adoption center where he meets (Your character). A young 5 year old girl/boy. They don't get along at first but soon start to warm up to each other and treat each other like family.

    Cinderella and the beast (I play female) 5/5
    (My character), a young college student that is looking for somewhere to live for her four college years comes along to an email from a mysterious character, chatting with them she joins their somewhat 'group'.
    Arrive to their home on a hot summer day she comes 'face to face' with (Your character) a rude, bitter, stubborn, douche bag who so happens to also be her freshman high school sweet heart. Hating each others with a passion after breaking up made them not get along so while when she arrived but what happens when they started to bond again? Will they fall in 'love' or stay enemies.
    This is it! I hope you like them! Please PM me or Comment on this thread
    If you have any idea's ask me! and i'd be happy to try ^^
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  2. Still looking!!
  3. Heyy c: I'd like to start up and rp with you~ I kinda want to try the brother x sister twin idea if you dont mind. I can pm you an idea that i have
  4. I would like to do Brother x Sister with you ^^ I've never done one like that
  5. Hello~

    I was interested in the Princess x New King idea ^-^ I can send you a PM later to discuss plot ideas if you'd like.
  6. Need some partners!
  7. Hey! I really like both Shy Girl x Bad Boy and Neko x Boy. Hopefully we could role play one of them or both.
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