Ying-Yang Power of Two

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  1. Hey ya'll Jinx here. Havn't met me? I introduced myself in Arrivals. But I am not new here. Since I did not work today I had plenty of time to sketch ideas and things. I want to introduce you to my best sketch "Ying-Yang Power of Two" Group!
    Ying-Yang Power of Two is all about balancing two characters. Not only is this for ultimate fun, but it can also teach you about HOW to play two characters on your own or with a trusted partner.

    There is a reason why this is called Ying-Yang Power of TWO; you play as two characters that may be twins or strongly balanced. Along with playing as two characters, there is two different ways to play. You can create your own two characters and play them by yourself OR you can make things interesting and find someone you roleplay with a lot or find a good friend. How you guys do things is between you though. If at some point one of you can't continue, you may continue on your own or start new.

    What can you play as?
    Anything... Literally!
    Characters from:

    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Pokemon (Please Discuss With Mod Before choosing Pokemon)
    • Vocaloid
    • Random Animes
    • Realistic Things
    • Comics
    • Super Heros
    Literally Anything!!!!
    So what do you think? Like it? Try it out, don't like it, well there is a reason why we have the ability to leave groups. This group is pretty laid back and all about fun. You can fight, romance, play, chill anything here! Really hope to see you soon!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.