GROUP RP PLOTTING Yet Unnamed plot from Cbox craziness!

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  1. So far we have:

    The Insane Queen Zypher who likes to bellow "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" and disapproves of Prince Kazesei's trysts with High Priestess Phoenix. Meanwhile at the Queen's command is Colonel Grumpy and his troops who are more then willing to use their axe launchers to decapitate whatever the Queen wants. During all of this the Prime Minister Katla uses her power and money to accrue a harem of "sexys" and spoil them rotten while not really keeping up with the rest of the kingdom. High in the Heavens the Goddess Diana occasionally peeks in and threatens to remove all orgasms from the people of the kingdom.

    Names can be (and probably will be) changed! We need a more exact plot methinks as well! And a name for the kingdom would be lovely!
  2. The Kingdom of Modgnik methinks. As for an actual plot, maybe the PM has a coup with the Colonel to overthrow the Queen, but the Queen is on their side and the only one actually in danger is the Prince? That seems to be kind of what the c-box version was lol
  3. We also need to think of a religion too since there's going to be the High Priestess (me! ;D) and the Temple involved! Doesn't have to be too detailed or anything just a little explained maybe.
  4. Well, then we need to figure out what Diana is the goddess of - maybe sexual discord?
  5. Yeah! Yeah! I mean that would explain why she got involved anyway!
  6. Sexual Discord and Romance?
  7. Prefect. I mean it bring into question Phoenix's motives for hanging out the prince, love or sacrifice, and it could cause some interesting plots twists. Maybe something along the lines of a city going into chaos due to the PM's extravagent ways, the Queen seeing her people in distress or craving the old ways when the royal house was more than just figure head, and Prince rebelling against his dear mum's wishes and finding bed within a brothel, and the Colonel deciding he might just want power for himself - if he can eliminate both parties. Or something. Oh! And where does Dawn see hersef?
  8. Oooh that's really good Kat! The whole kingdom goes into complete chaos due to mine, the Prince's, and everyone elses behavior/actions. The Queen eventually loses her control over all the people, all-out war ensues between the civilians and the Queen's army.......everyone pretty much starts picking sides........maybe???? Beacause, I mean, when the people gets word (and of course they WILL EVENTUALLY find out) of how the Prince is rebelling and everything they aren't just going to sit around and chat about it....It's the Prince, for Pete's sake! Everyone will begin to think that if the Prince can run around and do what he wants so can they so all over the streets they'll be fighting, stealing, killing, rape and everything else terrible...........That all makes sense...right????
  9. I LOVE those ideas! My goils are so creative~

    I think that the Queen has good intentions on keeping the kingdom but she's literally insane so she doesn't always do things correctly.

  10. Dear lord, I do seem to be the instigator of trouble, mwahahaha!
  11. This all sounds good! Should we write up and official plot and get our characters made?
  12. Yeah, I think that covers all the main holes, right? We should see if Grumpy and Diana want to add anything first though
  13. I'm totally game; whenever you're ready!
  14. (Ok, I'm posting a character bio!) THIS BIO HAS BEEN CHANGED!!! REFER TO THE IC TO SEE THE REAL ONE!!!!!

    Name: High Priestess Constance Aioantare

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Job/Role: High Priestess of The Great Temple of Xaioa

    General Appearance: She is very beautiful, of course. She has long, wavy, dark brown hair and light green eyes. She is always dressed in her High Priestess robes, but every now and then, when she is alone (or when she is meeting the Prince), she wears a small, thin, white dress. This is against religious law, of course, but she still wears it anyway for fear of one of the other Priestesses in the Temple to find out if she had wore her robes.

    Personality: Constance is quiet and a good-natured person. Although she knows it will never happen, she dreams of getting out of the Temple and exploring the world. Of course, she loves her job as High Priestess, but it is not what she really wants to do. There are so many things Constance dreams of doing, but, she never speaks of it to anyone but the Prince. She can be worrisome and spiteful at times, but, overall, she is very calm. She fears of ever having to hurt anyone, but.......if the time ever comes where she needs to defend herself.........she will.

    high priestess.jpg