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This is just a plotting stage, and interest check. Just to see what everything thinks of it, and how I might go about tweaking it and adding new ideas. Bear in mind I just wrote this in about two or so hours. So it's rough, filled with typos and other mistakes.

cue [Cheesy narrative]

Moonwings, under the rule of Queen Diana this name was spoken upon hundreds of worlds, spanning from the tiniest of asteroid settlements to the largest of city worlds. The crown jewel of the success of the Empire was the massive space station built in orbit around the capital planet and named after Empire. Able to hold within its frame hundreds of thousands Moonwings required twelve different high level A.I.s called moderators to operate both the station and the government on a daily basis. It was a center of trade, government, society. The place in which the Empire and Queen Diana held its most vital information, darkest secrets, and unknown treasures, deep within its vaults . . .

And yet the great empire fell. Historians have argued it was due to a variety of reasons. It could have been the neural-plague that appeared in 3208 and tore a bloody and fearful path through the holdings of Empire before just as suddenly disappearing a scant four years later. Perhaps it was the crash of the economy and trade that occurred as a result of the plague. Or maybe it was the infighting between the different world states that occurred within the last days of the Empire. Or as those fond of conspiracy theories argue, the Queen was betrayed by those closest to her and sought the throne for themselves.

In the end it does not matter why the empire fell. The neighboring Iwaku Alliance would take over many of the former Empire's worlds (this in itself a cause of even more conspiracy theories), bringing back civilization and stability to where it had been so horribly disrupted. The Empire was reduced to a shadow of its former glory, with only a core world and a few outer settlements still remaining within its possession. This remnant Empire was reorganized into a new state called Afta.

The jewel of the Empire was largely abandoned. It was deemed too large to be scrapped, too expensive to be repaired, and too massive to be maintained by the remnant Empire. It was stripped of both the remaining sane A.I. and intact weapon systems. Afta keeps itself content with a foothold control of one of the smaller docking bays and surrounding areas. Sealing off its controlled areas from the rest of the station and providing a relatively safe port for those who wish to visit and gaze upon the derelict behemoth. The remaining outer areas of the station have since been taken over by a cycle of scavengers, pirates, smugglers, slavers, mercs, interstellar corporations, research companies, and unknown alien horrors.

However, none of that is why you are here. You are here because of one reason, to reach the center of the station and the archives and vault that resides there. Rumors continue to persist that the most precious treasures of the Empire still remain safe and locked within the vault. What they are no one knows. Except perhaps the Queen, and no one has seen or heard from her since the Moonwings civil war. No one has been able to reach the center. Or at least if they did, they never came back in order to tell us about it. Perhaps you are mercenary contractor who found the profit to risk ratio to be satisfactory, a thrill seeking treasure hunter who couldn't pass up the biggest legend of our time, a down on their luck pirate who needs a quick buck, or simply a curious cat who wants to know what is really at the center of it all.

Our benefactor is looking for those who are willing and have the skills to reach the center of the station, open the vault, and bring back proof to us of what is really within the vault. Please note however, we are investing a considerable amount of funds into this expedition and will not take kindly to failure or false evidence.

Best of luck and we'll see you with proof in hand when you return.

[/end cheesy narrative]

Right, so this idea has been bouncing around my head since it was joked about in the C-box a few weeks back. Decided it needed to get it out of my head one way or another, so here it is in a rough form as an interest check and a place to get modified and ideas.

Technology & Races & Etc.


This is taking place in space so yes, artificial gravity and interstellar travel is possible. So far my idea for travel from one system to another is accomplished via large jump capable ships or jump gates that are located in nearly every populated star system. A.I., Cyborgs, Mecha, and Power Armor, laser weaponry, all exist. See below for more information.

- A.I.

A.I. as mentioned in the tale above exist and come in two flavors, high level AI and low level AI. High Level A.I. are self aware (and to avoid Skynet type disasters) and have their own rights within territories controlled by civilized government, just like any other race (not that this might stop some corporation or such from exploiting them if they think they could get away with it). Usually High level AI need a substantially large amount of space (computer databanks and such) and power to function, thus they are often limited to space stations, land based systems, or spaceships. The more memory and power available to them usually increases their intelligence and comprehension level (from that of a child to a savant like know-it-all).

However science marches on! Advances in A.I. technology (ironically often done by other A.I.) has recently resulted in A.I. having the ability to inhabit android bodies and having the ability to pass themselves off as a human or any other race. Mind, that this does put a cap on their processing and intelligences levels. A normal human sized body would give a A.I. the intelligence level of a genius. However, they won't be able to process or data as quickly as their larger counterparts, nor would they be a know-it-all like said counterparts. Another offset is the limited storage data in an android body (they will eventually run out and 'cannibalize' memory if they don't offload the excess information into external memory) and of course the fact that androids don't have energizer batteries that keep them going and going forever and eventually need a recharge or replacement. But that is a moot point that perhaps will not come up in this RP. . . depending.

Low level A.I. is as one could guess, non self-aware A.I. that have set routines and programming. They are prominent in many places and often handle dull or routine tasks that don't change often (such as handling customer service complaints).

- Cyborgs

Not exactly sure how to handle this 'un. Suppose that yes, if you have the money you can get the upgrades or the replacement parts. Often it is cheaper to regrow and reattach the organic limb that might have been cut off in a industrial accident than to replace it with a cybernetic limb. Cybernetic limbs and other goodies will of course give the user an advantage from the bedroom to the warzone. They also of course have their own string of problems (migraines, sudden loss of power if not properly maintained, back pain, death) but that'll be decided on a case by case basis perhaps.

- Races

Humans of course are included; have to keep the standard in. Willing to accept whatever other race out there someone wants to use, as long as they are not overpowered to the max.

- Biotic and telepathic and psychological powers

This RP will of course be dealing with multiple races and skill sets etc. This will be handled on a case by case basis. NO direct mind reading will be accepted!

- Mecha and Powered Armor suits

Mecha are kind of a moot point (since this'll be mostly in a space station RP) to this storyline. They exist, that's about all I have thought about them at the point.

Powered Armored/exo-suits exist and come in a ridiculously large amount of shapes, sizes, and applications. They often require training of the user which also comes with the bureaucratic red-tape of being certified and licensed to use the suit within different corporate controlled and government areas and systems (pirates and other… illicit being the exception to this norm unless they get caught). Common system would be to provide enhanced strength, more protection, a stable platform in which to mount heavier weapons, use in Zero-Atmosphere environments or extreme pressure environments, usage in dangerous environments such as heat or extreme cold. Note they are called powered armor. They don't increase the speed or agility of the user, just the survivability in hostile environments.

Laser Weaponry and other Firearms

- Will be allowed. Laser pistols, rifles, machineguns all exist and are the mainstay weapon of security forces and militaries. Using energy stored within power cells they provide pinpoint "laser-like precision" on target which can burn through cloth and flesh like it was paper. They are light and portable and the spent power cells can be recharged from external sources providing the user with continuous ammunition if they keep the cells. Bear in mind however, one isn't going to be blasting their way through bulkhead doors with this weaponry; it could fire through the side of an air duct, but not much else. Plasma rifles and bulkier plasma pistols also exist. As one might suspect, have a easier time burning their way through heavier materials. The old powder and primer firearms have somehow stayed in business, cheaper to produce than laser weapons and often times more reliable. However, one major flaw of these weapons is the fact that a stray bullet could cause unintended decompression in a space station. Railguns are a No-no in sensitive areas such as space stations for that very reason. Other Weapons could be allowed on a case by case basis, but one has to have a very good reason for having it.

Other information to go here as needed

Character Sheet

Name: Everyone has one

Age/Origin: (Age and planet or place of origin)

Sex: (Male/Female/Other . . . not a place to keep score!)

Race: (Human if you want this space to be easy. Otherwise provide a description of the race/alien species in question.)

Physical Description: (height, weight, hair color, eye color, fur/scale color, scale color, appendages. Can include a Image).

Job/Occupation: (Merc, Soldier, Hacker, Medic, Drifter, Navigator, Janitor, etc. Whatever the character does or doesn't do for a living.)

Personality: (Brief Description)

Strengths: (their abilities, talents, list at least one).

Weaknesses: (flaws, issues… Be reasonable, Hawaiian women does not count as a weakness)

Equipment: What are they bringing aboard? One could include personal spaceships, but bear in mind those wouldn't be used except for the very beginning and end of the RP. Is it Weapons? Armor? Camping Gear? Bubblegum? Mp3? Keep it within reason, but add what you like)

History/Backstory: (The life story of your character, add what details and high points you like)

Why are you here?: Why did your character take this job? Money? Desire?

Horror/enemy creature: Sadly, my imagination is not all that good. Describe one enemy (creature/alien/group) that the players might encounter on their way to the center of the station or on their way out.

Expectations of the Roleplayers and the Roleplay
  • Respect toward one's peers. We should all be getting along here, at least in the OOC (some character personalities might clash).
  • Stay active. Too many Rp's die because everyone ends up waiting on someone else to post. Talk in the OOC (play games in it, discuss current world events, whatever) to see who is going to post next and what is happening. I hope that everyone can post at least once a week in the RP, more would be preferred, but that doesn't always occur.
  • If one does need to go inactive PLEASE warn me and we can make arrangements. Otherwise if a character is inactive for longer than seven days without notification, they will be hijacked. Said character then runs the risk of wearing a redshirt and being killed off in dramatic fashion.
  • This will be somewhat player driven, in an almost fantasy adventure style blended with perhaps a bit of Aliens atmosphere (depending on what enemies we face). While I have the settling down, I'm not sure how events will play out or even what the corridors look like. So, it'll be up to the roleplayers to decide who leads them and what actions they take. I'll just take note of the actions, and then play out the results when need be.
  • Do note this will be somewhat grounded as being semi-realistic. Take heed of what your actions are and what the consequences might be. One is not going to be able to accomplish five headshots in a row while doing a back flip off of an elevator into a moving car. If this continuously occurs, I will get annoyed.

So... thoughts? Suggestions? Critic? Please?
Iwaku World in space? [/gratuitous self-insert]
Don't ruin it, Asmo! It's perfect as it is! D:
Iwaku World in space? [/gratuitous self-insert]

Yes and no... and yes again.

This RP/setting takes blatant liberties with the history, people, and names from Moonwings and Iwaku and a little from the Iwaku Mythos. Mostly it'll be more recent stuff dealing with Iwaku, as with Moonwing's history my knowledge is fuzzy to almost non-existent. As noted Diana was the "Queen" of Moonwings, Moonwings fell and was "taken over" by Iwaku (Iwaku Alliance). A.R.C. might make a cameo appearance as a large interstellar corporation, etc (or maybe it's the one behind this whole expedition! *shock*).

Iwaku has three Chief Administrators/heads of government, Rory Silverstein, Jack Shade, and *entry not found.* . . . Or maybe I'll make it two Chief Administrators, save that for a big reveal or something. Not that it is rather important to the plot at the moment.

Other names such as the names of RPs might make an appearance as the names of ships or other objects. There might be an Iwaku Alliance vessel with the name "Pilgrim's Reach" or "Summer's Dream." A Capital Ship dreadnought in the Iwaku Alliance navy might be called "Legacy" or "Versaedian's End." AFTA vessels might be named "Black Rain" or "Grim Chance."

It has similar theme to Iwaku World in that it'll reference the history of Iwaku and Moonwings (however, without the epic storytelling). More than likely it'll have nods toward events, names, and items from the Iwaku World Mythos (perhaps not from me, as I didn't follow it that closely), which also has its own nods toward the history of Iwaku. Hopefully I can attract some older members that were on Moonwings and they can help craft more of the history of Moonwings and what occured toward the end of Moonwings. This RP will be its own setting, perhaps a recycled one; as if one expedition to the center fails another one can start up again (via a new OOC), retaining the parts, lore, and in some cases characters crafted from the previous RPs.

So yes... maybe think of it as a Iwaku World mini-reboot? Sci-Fi Iwaku world in a darker and grittier future?
*flings Diana from the balcony*

Sweet. I'll play some guy called Asmodeus whose the CEO of the A.R.C.