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Yet Another Space Opera

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Slyen, May 12, 2010.

  1. HOLYSHITASPACEGAME!? is the title I wanted to give it.

    Basicly just wondering who is interested in a low tech space Opera? I'm looking for around four to six players who are not spread two thin already. I know Tain has showed interest... but I want at least three others to get the game started.

    I plan on having it a mix of plots. Each chapter is a seperate story arc but part of a whole, or at least thats the plan. The characters are meant to be more like the crew of a tugboat, salvage ship, or oceanic research vessel in modern times. At least thats to start. If characters die, I have no problems with you returning at then begning of a new chapter and as things move along I want to try and get it to be more military based. I have no problems with posting more info on what I have planned plot wise if you need it.

    So any takers?
  2. How low tech are we talking here, Babylon 5 statuse where they pretty much had interstellar travel, but otherwise regular weapons and stuff?
  3. Mankind has not advanced to far from the present day but they have moved through out the solar system, trips being days to months long between planets rather than years and years.

    I'm mean like mankind can go to another star however the people doing so would have to be put into cryogenic sleep to even think of them getting there alive. Computers are more advanced but weapons remain along the same level as now.
  4. ok so nothing too fancy, just shenanigans on mining stations in the asteroid belt, or on neptune's third moon or whatever.
  5. Basicly. Though things will get serious should the game continue that far >_>;
  6. so.... i step back from firefly tech-wise?
  7. Belle

    "I wasn't sure if I saw it." She rubbed the back of her head "I was about ready to give up on it to be honest because I didn't think you saw us past as good collages."
  8. more than 4 or 5 systems, Firefly verse is a good part of the galaxy, alliance worlds at the core and more lawless as they radiate outward.
  9. Well I mean they make it sound like it just one system... with thousands of worlds. Its technically feasable if you change the defination of a planet to include all of those we see as Dwarf Planets.
  10. Belle

    "I understand the protocol for some people with dangerous abilities but man..." she sighed "Really a buzz kill."
  11. Belle

    She frowned "I do hate scaring those people when they came in. The look on Gwens face was horrible."
  12. I do beieve there is ONE reference in the series to it being the galaxy, (though its safe to assume Sol is out of its reach or simply earth in uninhabitable or so deep in the core noone who has beef with the alliance would ever think to go there) Its in the episode that simon and river get kidnapped and said by thier fatherm Can't remember the exact quote. Something along the lines of 'best hospital in the galaxy.'

    Back on topic: When I referred to firefly I was mainly referring to the rim, not the alliance.
  13. In either case I think it can be related to Firefly in the regards that closer to earth you get the more control the governement has and the outer planets are almost on their own. Though there is really a lack for law its not nesscarily common to see rampent crime... not that it doesn't happen, they might just not notice or recognize it.
  14. I'd assume that there is a colony on each planet or their moons, (In the case of the gas giants or even earth's moon) and those closer to earth, with the more habitable environments would be the "Alliance" worlds while the more hostile and/or more distant they are the more lawless they would be.

    and I am so playing a character born on the facilities on Titan.
  15. For the most part yeah. Just the majority of population is located this side of the belt. Titin is kinda of like... the last stop before seeing nothing but research stations. Europa also is a decent sized station with a population center. Trying to work on the details of Mars and Venus... probably will end up flipping a coin.
  16. I want titan for other, possibly more obvious reasons.
  17. Blair

    She watched as he girl, Belle, smiled and got up. "Mind if I go grab a drink of water?" She asked and Blair shook her head

    "Go ahead." Belle left towards the kitchen area and Blair tilted her head "What do you want to ask of me?"