Yet Another Master/Slave Idea

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  1. So it's the basic idea that they start as master/slave and they eventually become real lovers.
    I can imagine the master (male) being rather vulgar and rude in the beginning. Perhaps the slave (female) wouldn't be completely unwilling... so it's not rape... but she wouldn't be comfortable with it, either. After awhile she'd start liking it though and perhaps (because I am secretly a hopefully romantic) helps to change him into being a bit more mutual and kinder.
    Of course I'm up to any different suggestions. I've just started writing this kind of thing and love to try out new stuff.
    This would be a pretty smutty roleplay so if you're shy, it's not for you! Also looking for someone that is active and can go back and forth often. :) Everyday I can usually go back and forth, usually late at night (after 10) but if I'm not working, in the day too.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention I'd prefer to play female!
  2. I'm up for it!

    Pm me with more details so we can discuss it further.