Yes, you there.

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  1. Hello :D

    I'm the Butterfly. It may be that I know some of you, and that you know me. I hope that I can find a familiar face, but I can understand if they may hide behind another mask now. Good to be here all the same.
  2. Hello Peter. >:3
  3. Well Peter, haven't seen you in a while.
  4. Diana :3

    Hello Shan. Good to see you.
  5. *Plays along by pretending she knows who you are*


    EDIT: I do recognize you, though... Welcome back. :3
  6. *Plays along with Fluffy* Hi Peter! :DD Welcome back broseph! Fo shizzle my nizzle and all that good jazz.
  7. Hello, hello everyone.

    New faces! Yes, hello! Old faces, hello!
  8. I am The Kitti.
    Most people just call me Kitti though. :(
    Nice to meet you, hello and welcome to Iwaku. Please ask if you've any questions!
  9. Thank you, Kitti, I will most certainly look to you if I have need of knowledge.
  10. Welcome to the site.
  11. "hello doctor butterfly, this is the notorious Shadow Ike speaking" heh Venture bros. for the win

    Anyway welcome to the Iwaku butterfly, I am the pack leader of 'the Wolves of Iwaku". If you've got any questions I would be glad to answer them for you when I am around or if I even can.
  12. I must ask each of you this question, but I ask it carefully. Maybe you will answer it, but maybe you will not. But it must be asked all the same.

    Why are we all talking like Batman?

  13. wat

    Also, thank you Shadow Ike.
  14. Your presence spreads like a disease! *runs*

  15. You just know all the right words to say to a butterfly.
  16. (: Welcome to Iwaku :D
    If you have any questions, let me know~~