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So, since I'm attempting to move into the apartments that Daniel lives in, I've noticed things. General annoyances perhaps, trouble causers in other cases. For instance: Daniel and I were just about to leave for McDonnald's when this white car pulls up with some ugly chicks and a dude who stole Daniel's friend's money. The chick with curly hair and huge bug-eyes demanded if we had a cat. We said yes. The lady then proceeded to ask: "CAN YOU SPARE US SOME CAT LITTER? WE JUST GOT A CAT!" Naturally we said no. Earlier in the day, Mike walked up and asked to use the computer. But at least -he- offered a dollar for the minute or two he was online! This chick was just demanding free cat liter when we barely knew her and couldn't stand her little friend David. >_> SO, my general topic is this: Apartment bums, and why they annoy you. For what do they go door to door bumming stuff: Either smokes, or other random supplies or something else. You list it and feel free to rant!
You gringos are all crazy no wonder you live in houses all separated and shit.
Lol, Tara. Funny you ask.

Back when I had roommates, there was this house next door with these 'Indie-hipster-type' people living in it. Sometimes they would come asking for smokes or other various things, but they never came around unless they needed something. I hated them, partially because I can be a jerk and hate people based on my preconceived notion of them, and partly because I hated the music they played. So anyway, long story short. One day we were drinking and the chick that lived with them came over (we had our front door open) and yells in: "Hey, You guys got any sugar?" and no one said anything for a moment, then my friend goes, without even turning around to look at her: "What does this look like, A fucking bakery?"

That was the last time they came over asking for stuff. Later, I felt kind of like a jerk for not telling my friend to shut it and getting her sugar, but at the same time not so much.
My apartment experiences are more to do with stupid management than apartment bums, so... hmm... >_>

In our last apartment we'd listen to the two women living above us fight ALL THE TIME. My roommate and I were a bit unnerved. And the guy across from us was always gone. There was one time he escorted a woman into his apartment and I was doing laundry and I decided he had a really cool girlfriend and he probably spent most of the time at her place. (Probably not true!) Right now there's this weeeeird lady who must be a caretaker. She is always sitting on the stoop smoking, sometimes she has a little suitcase. She won't make eye contact or say hello to her, but I WILL GET THROUGH TO HER. I saw her with her suitcase sitting on the steps to a building a few blocks away the other day. I almost cracked up. She gets arooound.
I haven't personally lived in an apartment, so I can't really comment.

But people try and bum smokes/pot off of me constantly even though I don't smoke either. I did have some really shitty neighbours though a couple of years back. They never mowed their lawn, were constantly noisy and never cleaned up after their dog. It was really annoying. There was a bunch of other stuff that they did as well, most of it I don't remember though. I'm glad they moved, because my neighbourhood is awesome.
Well, we had a neighbour that took home hookers quite a few times. :| Confronting those underdressed women was never fun. It seemed like we bumped into them every time during a return from the grocery store or something. Such rude little bitches, and that guy was filthy. I hated him.

Also, smokers. The apartments I lived at were a NO SMOKING COMMUNITY, which is nice for a person like me who's ultra sensitive to smoke. Yet, my neighbours smoked. Around my living quarters, too. >:[ It pissed me off.
At the apartment RIGHT before we move, we had neighbors that kept borrowing our phone, and they kept having the cops called on them. And one day I walk outside and have a COP waving me over with his gun ready to be pulled out, cause he was hiding behind my van. >< And asked if they were there. Then they let me leave, while they snuck up to the apartment to go after them. That was scary.
I stayed in an apartment with a few people for a bit and I was glad that their neighbors were not -my- permanent neighbors.
They were on the bottom floor and the people who were next to them kept leaving out garbage bags by the front door so it smelled really bad and when we came out, there was always something eating their nasty garbage (mice, raccoons, etc.). It was gross Dx
When we talked to them about it, they just kept saying that it was because they planned to take it to the dumpster "later, when blah, blah...".
The apartment I stayed in OKC was horrible. Roaches everywhere, and loud-ass neighbors. They blared porno music 24/7 and no matter how many times I reported them to the manager, nothing got taken care of. Oh and then the management was stupid enough to think I owed them 200 bucks before I left, even though I had covered all my bills. :( Crap-apartments suck.