Yeah. We Fight Monsters

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  1. High School is hard. Doing classwork, maintaining good grades, and dealing with teenage hormones-but it gets even harder when you have to fight monsters the adults can't see.

    Age: 14
    She's cute as button, but don't be fooled! She's not nearly as sweet as a clementine orange.
    Pet Peeve: Monsters
    Quote: I still have braces and I had to slit a guy's throat this morning!

    Age: 17
    She's a spunky redhead with a penchant for hitting things.
    Pet Peeve: Don't even ask
    Quote: Yeah, I'm ginger named Ginger! Fuck you!

    Age: 16
    This computer programmer shouldn't be out killing monsters, but he doesn't have a choice.
    Pet Peeve: Loud chewing
    Quote: What?

    Age: 15
    He's a chubby trans nerd with an ever-growing book of cryptids- though they can't really be called cryptids anymore.
    Pet Peeve: Being called 'she'
    Quote: We're dead. Dead dead dead dead dead-ily dead-ily dead. Fuck.
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  2. Hi! Id be interested in this! Do you just want me to post character sheets in the cast list?
  3. I might be interested. Do I get to create my own character or do I have to pick from the premade ones?
  4. MarilynFae-yea if you wouldn't mind
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