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  1. I'm back.

    Normally, I'd have some kind of prepared statement. Being that I've been told (TOLD) to post something (prepare to receive relentless gloating), I'm going to be winging it from here on.
  2. Tegan
    She seemed calm now..thats good. Although she seemed a little confused. I guessed she was wondering were Eve was . I honestly was wondering the same thing.
    She talks about being a burden.
    "You'e not a burden." I assure her still being serious and then sees her burry her face in a pillow. I was curious what had happened but like I said I wasn't going to let.

    She then tried to thank me although I could barely hear it and I smiled. At least I think that'
    What was trying to do
    "Youre welcome it' fine you don' need to thank me. That' what friends are for." I then say going back to my bubbly demeanr.
    Welcome to the Iwaku! ^_^
    Name's Miru, if you have a question, don't be scared of askng me. ^_^
  4. Uh, Miru, I've been here before. Or is that an automated response? O_o;; REMEMBER MEEEEE!!!
  5. Automated?! BWAAAAAAH!!!!!!!
  6. ...Oops.

    *books it before Moderators show up to repair Miru*

    I suggest panicking and running in circles while screaming.
  8. *Injects Miru with morphine*

    It's fine, it's fine. Everything's fine.

    Welcome back, dude. Enjoy your stay,
  9. Welcome back person I don't remember
  10. *A Mechalith appears behind Grumpy then decapitates him.*

    Ya, join de ISAF, mon! We got guns! We got nukes! We even got dis ting dat kills people when ya push de button!

    Lockjaw, that 'thing' is classified...
  11. Winnifred

    "Saka I love that you are a troublemaker, but goodness gracious it could get you killed." I point out and gently poke his nose "Not in a literal sense though. I'm just worried about your powers sometimes. The way you lose your shoes. It's sort of funny actually." I laugh softly "But then again the same thing goes for me I guess. Difficult powers and troublesome mind set," I grin at him


    "The more I know about that house the more I don't understand about its original owner." I comment in thought but shake it out of my head. If it gets me away from those ghosts that stare at me then so be it. Sometimes I wonder if it is truly madness, but I remember how it felt to have her hand pressed to my face. I shake my head as I lead her down to the local town. It's quiet today but that doesn't surprise me.


    I blink at her in surprise "Did I hear you right? Did you thank me?" I grin suddenly "Oh why it was no problem! I would do it again and again if I had to. Besides it was really fun. Although I almost got caught, which was sort of scary but still really exciting." I shake my head then say in a lower voice "I'm sorry I couldn't have gotten you into a better place."