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    Iunno why that .gif, but I couldn't stop watching it

    Before you read anything else in this request thread, please read this. I've put it under a spoiler tag if only because it's a giant paragraph. I have an OCD complex about streamlining everything.

    I am not the best 1x1 partner. I've tried several times to get a 1x1 RP off the ground, and I've failed. I've had very patient partners, and I've had partners that were through with me after a few times of trying to rouse me from the grave. And I can't love them enough for trying, and apologize to them enough for my stupidity. That being said, I've finally pinpointed the reasons that I do this.

    Reason 1: I am an adult, obviously, and I work full-time and have a significant other. My time is already stretched out over the group RPs I'm in. My responses are already delayed due to that. That being said, I shouldn't respond any longer than a week. I SHOULDN'T

    Reason 2: This is the real reason I fall off the face of the earth. I have a bad anxiety disorder. I've only recently been diagnosed with it. And with that understanding comes the understanding that I get anxious about disappointing my partners. If I haven't responded in a couple of weeks? I'm bound not to respond because I assume you think the worst of me. If our RP gets locked, I get too embarrassed to ask you to get it unlocked so we can continue on. If you prod me, even gently and sweetly, I feel like a little shit. Prod me three or four times, sweetly or rudely, and I just seize up like a hermit crab. The reason I'm telling you this is if you seek an RP with me I'm assuming you've read this. I'm assuming that you will expect this to happen, and not be too disappointed in me. That being said, don't worry about prodding me. Do prod me. Actually, let's exchange skypes, so we can have a more open communication. I find that PMs don't work too well for me because I am the worst at responding to them. And this only compounds the previous points.

    Reason 3: I only took our RP because I wanted an RP, and my partner writes wonderfully. This is why this thread is so pointed because I want to play something I WANT TO PLAY. And in that sense, I want you to play something YOU WANT TO PLAY. This is a no holds barred (within reason) RP request thread. So, no shoehorning you into a role you may feel meh about. Nope. The more we get excited about our potential roles, the less likely I am to fall off the face of the planet.

    So with all that being said, I hope I haven't scared you away. I just felt like being honest. I only add cool people to my skype, and I assume you're cool. Also, don't take the anxiety disorder as: I'm about to vent my life to you whether you asked for it or not. Nah. I'm pretty private about my own grievances. I only mention the anxiety disorder because it affects my posting rate. You don't have to worry about drama from me (unless we are jointly canoodling about something else like some gossiping hens.)

    Anyway--on to the fun part!

    Why hello there! You look like you got a ton of information dropped onto you, and you didn't expect or want it. Huh. I wonder who did that you (sarcasm.) Most people call me Rekt. So, let's roll with that. Alright, now I'm about to move onto the important part of this thread.

    1.// I know I'm in Libertine but please an adult. Don't be gross. I want to play with adults around-ish my age. If you're disobeying the Iwaku rules, don't think I can't tell. I can tell. I'm old.
    2.// I like to think I'm a douche-bag advanced writer. That being said, I'll have typos. You'll have typos. We'll abuse commas like the replay button for the Taylor Swift song we deny liking. The being said if I don't understand what you are saying, either via super purple prose or just extreme Engrish, I'm going to let you know. So, if you're a fan of either of those, I'm not the partner for you.
    3.// Contrary to what my spoiler post may have told you, I'm an aggressive plotter. Once I latch onto a fun idea, I'll hold onto it like a snapping turtle... and then some. So, I expect you to add me on skype. Don't like skype? We can do titanpad, googledocs, discord, etc. I just want something that isn't solely PMs.
    4.// This is a no judgment zone. If you're very prudish in your interests, there's the door. Go through it. Take your gift bag first, though, you've earned it. Sorry, not sorry, the gift bag only has stale mints in it. Anyway, I L-O-V-E exploring things in RPs, and I want you to be down for that too.
    5.// I plan to RP via threads. I probably won't do PM RPs. That being said, if there is another medium you prefer better, I'm always interested in hearing about it.

    1.// I play MxM and MxF. Sorry ladies, I'm not a big fan of FxF. This has nothing to do with the orientation itself, but my lack of knowledge on how to make it the most interesting for you. As much as MxF goes, I usually play male. That being said, I can play a female if you are the one in a thousand male RPers that tickle my fancy. You are more than welcome to try, but remember "THIS IS SPARTA!" Or something...
    2.// Like I mentioned above, posting schedule is flexible due to life and life's problems. That being said, if we're going to be as close as I want us to be, then we should communicate. Let me know if you can't post. I will totally understand. I have entire weeks where work is wearing me like a human suit, and I can't get to a computer.
    3.// I only RP speculative fiction. I do not do literary fiction/slice-of-life. Is there isn't a fantastic element to it, I want nothing to do with it. Sorry. Not sorry. That is how I roll.
    4.// I am game for anything, but here is a quick rundown of my NOPES.

    1.// No rape, no sexual violence, no emotional violence. If your sole goal is to harm my character in such a manner, I don't want anything to do with you.
    2.// Nothing bathroom related. I feel like this is a universal dislike but I added it just in case.
    3.// No adolescent characters. Nope. All the characters need to be adults.
    4.// No incest. Just. No.
    5.// No furries, no anthros, and no intelligent animals (the latter one pertaining to our characters, not random intelligent animals that may show up in the RP).
    6.// No "exceptions to the rule," special snowflakes, or Mary Sues/Marty Stus.
    7.// And absolutely NO master/slave or dom/sub RPs.

    .// This thread is about creating characters that are beyond the norm. I'm tired of playing PERFECT BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS THAT ARE YOUNG AND NUBILE. Sorry. But after playing them since I was 12, their glaze has worn off. That being said, if you aren't perfect, that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. The hurtful stereotype in RPs is that BEAUTIFUL=PERFECT. Nope. Real people are not like that, and I want to get back to real people. SUPER REAL PEOPLE.

    If you look at this section and do a hard backwards crab walk, I won't fault you. This is me word vomiting things I haven't RP'd much or at all. Don't you ever just want to play something DIFFERENT? If the answer is no, then we may not jive.
    .// Older characters. (Please no one in their late teens or early 20s. I'm talking like 30-50 range, here.)
    .// Disabled. (I'm not talking mentally, though that is fine too, within reason. Please no schizophrenics, unless you plan on playing them RIGHT. I am talking physically. The physically disabled get missed a lot in RPs, we need to hit this up more.)
    .// Chubby Characters. (I get tired of explaining washboard abs. Are you tired of reading them? If not, then that's cool too. This can range from a little to a lot. I'm fine with it.)
    .// Characters with families. (Why is it that I find, once in a blue moon, a character with a son or daughter? Why is that so weird? Lots of people have offspring or wives/husbands. Let's stop pretending they don't exist. Though, I'm more interested in single mothers/fathers for the sake of a romance RP).
    .// Polyamory. (Because why should just our lead characters fall in love and be the only ones?)
    .// Inhuman characters. (Note: I do not mean anthros, furries, or intelligent animals. I mean characters that aren't entirely human but close-ish. Examples: kemonomimi, orcs, dwarves, elves, merfolk, centaurs, octomerfolk-things, nagas, satyrs, aliens, blue people, green people, people with wings, people with horns, maybe a tail, you get the point.)
    .// Age Gaps. (This is a weakness of mine. And when I say age gap, I don't mean like a teenager and a grown adult. I'm saying two adults on either side of the spectrum. I think the term for it is May-September(December?) romance.)
    .// Size Gaps. (Need I say more. Actually, I will. Please keep this within reason.
    .// Pregnancy. (*shrugs* I get tired of reading RPs where babies seem to pop into existence with rainbows and clouds... that's not how things work... you're in the Libertine section. You know.)

    .// Smut right away. Mmkay hear me out. This isn't a 90% smut RP, but I find my interest is held if our characters get it on within the first 10% of the story line. The rest can be insanely interesting RP build up, but I want a taste of what is to come. Even if this smut comes from side characters or main. If you're not down with this, that is PERFECTLY fine. I just find it is a good hook for renewed interest.
    .// I want something that has a decent amount of drama and action. The action doesn't have to be the ADVENTURE ALL THE TIME type, but it can be. Though, I want something that has a lot of downtime in it, too. For instance, I recently played a game where I was a cyberpunk bartender. I would LOVE that. Your character would come in with their problems. Our characters would connect. Then the world would present an obstacle. Something like that. Even if the setting is fantasy, modern, or otherwise.
    .// I should mention genres right? Like I said above, anything speculative. Scifi, fantasy, modern fantasy, etc. Just as long as there is a fantastical element to our world, I'm fine with it.
    .// Fandoms? Sure. But only OCs, no canon. There is ONE exception to this rule, but it is trash. Absolute trash. *cough* Boostle I find it is easier for you to ask if I know about said fandom than for me to list them. Just know, though, if the RP is Mass Effect or Dragon Age, the answer is always yes.

    .// Please send me a PM as opposed to posting here.
    .// Add Skype name.
    .// BENEFIT!

    EDIT: For the love of Christmas, what was I doing last night? Edited because I was drinking and things got a little convulted and redundant. Things should be more awesome now.
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  2. I still haven't received interest. So, this interest thread is still open.

    Please PM me with any thoughts you have.
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