Yay! Life!

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  1. So, like I'm one of the newbies. Its been forever since I found a nice role-play site, or even an active one. So this makes me somewhat happy.

    Anyways, some facts about myself, right? I been RPing since I was 12. Favorite color is Violet. Anything else just ask away. I will answer any question even the odd ones. XD
    -tackles to the ground and stares at.-
    Welcome..~ n.n
    -Pulls a cupcake out of pocket and offers.-
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask!

    Also, you should head over and fill out a Roleplay Resume. It's a good way to let people know your RP preferences and such.
  4. Haha. Yay cupcake! But, how long has it been in your pocket? O.o

    Oh well! *takes it and eats it violently* Thank you <3

    Nice to meet ya. : )

  5. n.n Loverly to meet you as well, Miss.~
    Good luck on the site. o.o AND!! If you ever want to rp, just ask. c:
  6. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    It's nice to meet you.
    I'm Kitti and if you have any questions, please do ask~
  7. We can : ) Do you have anything in mind?

  8. o.o; Nothing at the top of my head at this very exact moment.
    I'm always open to ideas and wants on rps.
    Just shoot me a pm. >:3
  9. Hi and welcome to the site! :D It's always awesome to meet more "lifetime" roleplayers. XD I know I was roleplaying long before I even knew what it was. It was cool discovering sites like this when I got on the internet.
  10. Welcome to Iwaku! I just joined on Friday and it has been a blast so far! Many active members, which is so important for an RP forum!

    I am trying to make new friends and start a lot of RPs, so please PM me if you want to start one or just chitchat :)
  11. Hello and welcome to this providence of internet haven called Iwaku. As you may have notice we're a friendly bunch and pretty open. If you hace any questions or just want to chat feel free to send me a pm. Well I do hope you enjoy your stay.

    ~Best regards

    P.s. If you're looking for a roleplay then may I suggest checking out A Tale of Winter Memories. :)
  12. Hiiiii. I'm Rory, the highly eccentric weirdo Admin person. If you have any questions about the forum, that's why I'm here; I think.... :3