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  1. Hello! I'm Yaretzi. Down below I have some requirements, info about my likes and some pairing ideas. My thread will be updated whenever I want to add something or something's missing.

    - I've been roleplaying for 2 years.
    - If the roleplay doesn't have romance, I'm not interested.
    - I can type up to 4 paragraphs.
    - I prefer to play as the female.
    - My characters will be 18 to 26 years old.
    - I will only do M x F and F x F pairings.
    - I can do realistic, futuristic, historical and fantasy roleplays.
    - I'm going to continue using this tiny font. I simply like it.
    - I can do Liberteen roleplays. Sorry older roleplayers, but I don't want to get you arrested.
    - The role I want to play as will be in bold. If the format is normal, I'm down to play either role.
    - The pairings will be set in m x f pairings, but they can be changed to f x f.

    - No one liners, please.
    - Please use good spelling and grammar.
    - I would love it if you were to play as the guy (unless if we're doing a f x f roleplay).
    - No yaoi or furries. Nekos and aliens are fine.
    - We're going to need to build a plot together 'cause I don't have a very creative mind.
    - Please tell me if you have an idea you want to try out.

    - Enemy Prince x Princess
    - Arabian Prince x Foreigner
    - Teacher x Student
    - Artist x Model
    - Deity x Human
    - Celebrity x Childhood Friend
    - Best Friends
    - Ancient Vampire x Reincarnated Lover
    - Werewolf x Human Soulmate
    - 1940's Gangster x Daughter of competition
  2. The Artist x Model seems interesting. Send me a PM?
  3. The ancient vampire x reincarnated lover sounds interesting... Considering I am watching Dark Shadows at the time. I'd love to try it with you so send me a PM!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.