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  1. Hey, there! Yaoguai here, comin' atcha with a partner search! It's been a while since I've roleplayed and I would definitely like to get back into the swing of things.

    Things you should know about me!
    - I've been role playing for quite a while now (say, 5 or 6 years now), with hiatuses here and there.
    - I tend to write as little as one paragraph to as much as seven paragraphs. It really depends on how I feel and how much I'm given. The average I write is around three paragraphs.
    - I mainly play female characters, but I'm not opposed to playing male characters.
    - I can do fandom based role plays, but unfortunately, I do not play canon characters.
    - My favorite genres are Scifi, Modern, and Fantasy.
    - I enjoy developing romances and building up to sex between characters. Of course, the sex does not have to be there, it'll only be there if it's okay with you, me, and if it grows to that point with out characters.
    - With being a college student and having a job, days can be hectic and I may not be able to reply as much as usual (I typically make responses everyday or every two days or so.) If I'll be gone or too busy, I'll for sure tell you because I HATE it when people leave with out telling. (Mind you, they don't really have to tell you if they're leaving, but it would be nice if they told you, am I right, my dudes?)
    - I am OPEN to ideas and would love to collaborate and figure out the story as we go on.
    - Almost all of my characters have the mouth of a sailor. Cursing left and right, but I usually try not to have a curse word in every single sentence.

    Things I'll expect from my (future) partner!
    - I expect that you're able to work well with the plot.
    - I expect that you don't be overpowering, or a Gary-Stu/Mary-Sue character. I love when characters a snarky or far from it. I don't expect your character to be the perfect person who knows what and what not to say. I don't expect your character to be someone who is completely fearless with out reason and I certainly don't think your character would come out of a fight with out a single scratch. (Especially if against creatures that are far more powerful than them.)
    - I expect that you're okay with romance, that is, if we decide to incorporate romance into the mix.
    - I expect that you're able to give me something to work with and can write as much as me or possibly even more! I love to read other people's writing.

    Say Goodbye (Modern, thriller)
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    Six murders in just three months. The scenes each consisted of a certain amount of stab wounds, a woman in her mid-twenties, and photographs of the gruesome attacks left behind. Surveillance cameras in the area have been completely smashed and left behind are foot prints that are from multiple people. At the station, for (M/C), the case has had no leads. Nothing to go off of. All they know is that the killings were done by the same group of people. To crack the case, (M/C)'s boss has appointed her a partner (Y/C). After all, two heads are better than one.

    Sector 7 (Scifi, action, horror)
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    Holding a large laboratory for unknown specimens, Sector 7's facility is unpredictable. In the past , the specimens have run amok, wreaking havoc amongst the many habitants of Sector 7; being so dangerous that nearly every month, a new guard is brought in. With the newer, more advanced technologies, the lab is constantly bringing forth newer experiments. Which, in turn, makes for a much more dangerous environment. Anxiety ridden guards make for more volatile behavior.

    Windland (fantasy, action)
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    For years, the land has been plagued with the dragons of Vorhuund. Instilling fear in all of the kingdoms across the lands: now divided by the wrath of the dragons that now roam. Battles between lands and kingdoms have ensued, nations are no longer equal and live in tranquility; the nations are now enemies, once companions that have now turned against each other.

    (Y/C) is on a journey with his/her small group of men, on their way back to General Vrork. They come across (M/C) at the border of the kingdom, on their way to leave. However, they were not fast enough to escape. Caught in an instant, (M/C) is now well on their way back with (Y/C). But will dragons, orcs from neighboring kingdoms, and bandits get in their way?

    - Bandit x Knight
    - Arranged Marriage
    I'll add more. Just had a brain fart.
  2. I'd be interested in building a plot with you. I love the genres you mentioned and they happen to be my favorite as well!

    Pm me if you are interested.
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