Yami no Mori

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  1. Two waring nations send their bravest men out to conquer as much territory and power as possible. During the mist of confusion two soldiers from opposing armies, under friendly fire, are forces to jump off a ravine to avoid being killed by their allies. They survive the jump, but much more is in store for them in an area untouched by man where everything is designed to kill them. Can these two enemy work together to make it home to their families?

  2. Kyou spent her life wanting more. More was what everyone who lived in her slum wanted. More money, more food, more protection but all they ever got was less. Though the conditions she lived in weren't Ideal she pushed pass them and made the best of her life. Making great grades in school and being a loyal but stubborn daughter. The youngest out of eight, but the most exceptional none the least. Everything was going well until her father and mother fell ill and had to rely on her older sisters for help. Kyou felt she could make a difference. He had always been tomboyish. Maybe while she had the chance she could join the military. There was money to be made in their ranks and she could help lessen the burden off her older sisters.

    One major problem prevented her from truthfully joining and that was the fact the the military was only for men. Kyou plotted the only plan that was a shoe-in to legitimately getting into the military. She had a cousin take the physical test for her and she took the altitude test. She was the smartest in the family after all. The plan was a success and she entered the military ranks secretly leaving for duty in the dead of night so as not to cause a disturbance.

    Kyou arrives days later to a mountain range training base overlooking the Thresilian's City miles away. Kyou could see the city from the caravan carrying them up the steep slope. Kyou stares at the little city confident the she could squash them. She was still naive about the harsh realities of war, and once training started she would get her first taste of the gravity of war.
  3. Ryu had always known what he wanted in life, to become a Warrior and fight for his Nation. He complied with his parents wishes; for him to finish school with good grades before he did what he wanted. He passed schooling with exceptional grades, though his people skills lacked. He didn't care for others, finding them hard to deal with and a nuisance more than anything.

    After school, he went straight into training, not wasting anymore time than he needed to. Being a quiet fellow, he didn't make very many friends, the few that he did had wormed their way into his life. He didn't mind them after a while, but he still preferred to be alone.

    The day came to where he was finally accepted into the army, he kept up with his training, working towards being the best he could be for his country.
  4. Kyou was very social and, though and oddball amongst her fellow comrades, she was well liked. She was getting the hang of acting like a man. It wasn't to hard for her since she was the very opposite of all of her sisters. The son that her father never had, her and her father would joke about that amongst themselves. She missed her family dearly and wondered how they were fairing with all the hardship that befell them. Her thoughts would trail more and more as time progressed.

    After being adequately trained then the advance began. Everyone was alert and close, and with Kyou's secret this made things a bit more difficult. Especially bathing. On the way to camp she had spotted a small body of water covered by dense bushed. Perfect for midnight bathes. She waited paitently until everyone slept and used her stelth to sneak pass patrol and to freedom. She personally loved swimming in water. The fact that she was "alone" doubled her enjoyment. She dove under the water to see how long she could hold her breath, a childish game she played with herself at bath time as a child.
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