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  1. *Must have finished the books, the anime doesn't include the actual plot.*

    *Need a Kimihiro Watanuki (the two of us will also be playing other, smaller characters such as Clow Reed at some point)*

    Name:Luka Reed
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Ankle length, blonde hair that's always pulled into a ponytail
    Eyes: Grey
    Clothes: Typically wears kimonos, almost always purple and always has a shoulder showing
    Markings: Has a lot of moles compared to the average person, but she likes them
    Theme Animal: Dragonfly
    *Clow Reed (father)
    *Unknown mother (not Madoushi)
    *Any of Clow's descendants (not enough time to type them all out, but this does include Watanuki)
    Lover: Yuko Ichihara
    Bio: Hated Madoushi, and because of her, Luka and Clow became very distant, to the point where she started calling him by his first name. This distance ended up with Luka leaving her father's home and moving away with Yuko. When she did this, she stole many of Clow's magical items and took them with her. After a few years, Yuko and Luka got into a fight that ended their relationship, though they were still in love with one another. This caused Luka to start moving around as she pleased and Yuko to start drinking. Many Years after Yuko's passing, Luka decides to come back to the home that she had lived in with Yuko, the shop,to see if she could do anything about getting her Yuko back and to meet her brother, Watanuki.

    *Plot: Luka comes back and over time (a few days) she slowing explains to Watanuki why she was there and what her and Yuko had. Watanuki remembers how powerful of magician Clow Reed was and suggests talking to him about reincarnating Yuko. Finally she gives in and summons him for a brief time. We'll figure things out from there...*

    *Will return tomorrow when I regain internet access, but for the most part, this is it besides the roleplay*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.