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  1. Becca had enough of his loud music especiallly at night when she was trying to do the house work. The cops had already been called a few times to their house for noise complaints and she did not want them to come back another time. Sighing she lifted her hand and banged loudly on the door hoping he would hear it over the loud music. It was not long ago when their parents and younger sister died her brother had taken it the hardest. The twins were once inseperable and now they hardly spent anytime together anymore. When they did she tried to get him to stop taking drugs which lead into a big argument then him normally storming out of the house. All she wished was that he would stop taking drugs and go back to the life they once had before all this happened.
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    Bryn just laid there on his bed, the sound of the blaring bass drowning out all that was outside of his room. The high was wearing off, but still nothing aside from his eyeballs wanted to move.

    He could faintly hear a knocking on the door. The police or his sister; either or, it wasn't something he would really open the door for.

    The cops could bust into his room if they wanted, though they would have to have a pretty fucking good reason to bust into his home and do the whole fucking Law and Order dance over him just injecting himself with some shit.

    It was his sister that he couldn't deal with; Becca was a fucking hassle when he wasn't shooting up. She was so much of a goddamn pain the ass. Trying to dictate how he should live his life like she still thought things were going to magically get all fucking better if they just closed their eyes and pretend that life is the song and magic shit they sat through in church.


    Life was random. Life was was pointless. Death is the only certain thing. So why the fuck not enjoy what tiny fraction of forever that we are given, right? Chasing the Dragon was much better than being crushed in it's coils. Living was shit. What's wrong with making that shit bareable?

    Holy fuck, he needed to score...

    He turned off his shit and opened the door. "Ear plugs. Go the fuck back to sleep." He had his coat on and lazily slipped his foot into his shoes, not even bothering to unflatten the heel on his shoes as he headed out the door. "Stop acting like you don't know how shit is. Deal with it or move out. Either way, stop bothering me, Becca."
  3. If she moved out he would not be able to live here any longer because all of his money would be going to drugs and not the rent. When he finally did open the door she leaned against the door. "Look the cops have been here twice this week already and you are just going to get them to come back again." This happened every night most nights he did not care and just slammed the door in her face. The reason why she dictated him was because she cared about him and didn't want to loose him to. The way he was going he was going to overdose and die and she couldn't loose her twin. She took her parents and sisters death hard but she was strong for her brother and it was killing her inside. How could she go on through life if her best friend died her friend she had known since she was in the womb.
  4. And there she goes again, trying to direct his life like she was his goddamn keeper. She seriously should have just moved ou by no if she was really upset by his actions. Nothing here at their house would change him, he sure as hell wasn't going to some fucking Church based rehab center. He wasn't going to spend his free time listening to a bunch of bullshit spout out by a bunch of burnouts who couldn't afford a hit anymore.

    "Take your half of the money, Becca." His arms crossed as a long forgotten mannerism showed itself in a strange moment of his sobered coherancy.

    "I told you you can leave. You can stop using your half of the insurance money to pay for the rent and shit." His dilated pupils honed in and focused on Becca as he stared unflitchingly into her eyes, showing the most goddamn sincerity he has in the past half year.

    "...You haven't been happy for a long time, Becks. I know you think you can stay here and just lecture me into changing...But you can't..." All the projection, all the agression, all the buried emotions, but one seemed to slip away from his face as he talked. His face, his face that no long seemed to be his face, suddenly seemed very familiar again.

    "I've made my bed. I'm going to lie in it and that's fuckin' final, you hear me, Becks?" Tears weld up in his eyes as the demons he was fleeing from found him, sinking their fangs and claws into him. "You... You don't want to waste your life watching over me as I lie in the shit pile I made."

    "You're better than that...Always...Been better than that..." He wipped his face with the needle-pocked arm that he shoots up with. "Get the fuck out, Becca... I was fucking dead when mom and dad and...And... Crystal died that day." He started pushing out the way of the door as he tried to escape demons. "All your doing is watching a Corpse rot, Becks... Don't fucking waste your time..."
  5. All she was doing right now was caring about her brother and she was annoyed what he was doing to his only sister that was alive right now. When he looked at her with those eyes she backed up not wanting to get hurt somehow she thought he was going to hurt her. Before their parents died he was always caring and every little thing he was there for her now things have changed. When he started crying she wanted to hug him and take away all of his pain but she knew he would not let her do that and that hurt her more. She held back her tears not showing much emotion in her face right now. Those words stung her as she watched him try to get past her to probably leave the house. "What would our parents say if they saw you today? What would they think. All I am asking is for you to turn down the music." No lectures today just a simpe request so they wouldn't have to move out of their hosue that's what the cops said last time but she didn't say it to her brother. She cared about him yes even though he yelled at her and threatened to hurt her but they were family he was the only family left.
  6. "And what would they say huh, Becks?! They're dead! If they could talk or say any fucking thing we wouldn't be in this fucking situation would we?!" His patience was wearing thin, the grating of his nevres ampified by the monkey on his back. Why she have to turn everyone of thier conversation into a goddamn guilt trip?

    "Get out of my way, Becks. I told you I was going out." He shoved his hands into his pockets as he put his foot down. She always had to do this. Always had to look at him with those doe eyes. Always trying to make him feel bad.

    He didn't need any of that. He'd been through enough.

    What the hell did she want from him? Nothing was ever going to be the way it was before, nothing was going to undo what that day did. He wasn't going to turn around one day and completely turn his life around, making everything like a fucking storybook ending. Why was she being so stubborn about this fucking situation. She was no goddamn position to tell him what to do, she herself was no better than he was, her shitty waitress job where she stayed in even though she was unhappy. Her failed college career. Why was she so goddamn adament about what he did with his life when her own life was shit?

    "Get out of my way."
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    The only reason she had to quit her college courses was because her parents died and she had to stay home with him. The words stung her but deep down he knew she was right her parents were dead but if they were alive they wouldn't let him do this. In two days it would be Christmas it would be the same as last year with the fighting and not doing anything together. When her parents were alive they always had the best Christmas had the best dinner and presents. The waitress job barely paid for the rent and food that they needed to survive. Jobs were scarce and she was lucky to have just one now."Just go." She turned and walk away going towards her room this is always what happened he always left after a fight and she hated that. What if he got into a car crash while he was fuming what if she lost her brother as well? Now she was holding back tears and trying to stop them from coming so he wouldn't see her cry.
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