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  1. Why Hello There!

    Thank you so much for stopping in! My name is Kismet, or XIII. I am currently (almost) 23 and a female. I play female characters (mainly because I'm absolutely horrendous when it comes to playing males,) and I enjoy a wide variety of plots. I tend to match what you write, but I absolutely refuse to do a story with you if you:

    1. Don't understand the concept of grammar.
    2. Write anything less than a paragraph.
    3. Try to control my characters actions, thoughts, and ideas.

    I work with a wide variety of people on a multitude of subjects. I enjoy making friends and developing stories. I put down 18+, but only because the story may involve a few smutty scenes; that does NOT mean I want the entirety of it to be word porn.
    Currently, I am in AIT, which is military job training. I can be on quite often, but sometimes I may be gone for a couple days at a time. If that bothers you, I apologize for wasting your time.
    No, I really do NOT want to role-play a military theme. I am in the military. I live it daily. I would really prefer for it to not leak into my writing life.
    I don't have a whole lot of plot ideas, however, I have a few pairings that have sparked an interest over the past few days. If you're interested, please let me know and we can come up with a plot! If all of these pairings look absolutely dreadful, do not fret! I love coming up with new ideas!

    (m) inhuman (any species) rock star | (f) inhuman (any species) friend of a fan
    (m) coin operated boy | (f) owner
    (m) teacher (any species) | (f) student (any species)
    (m) body guard | (f) princess
    (m,f) hunter | (m,f) hunted
    (m) master | (f) slave
    (m) pirate | (f) mermaid

    As you can see, I greatly enjoy having characters that are anything but human. I don't care what species. Incubus? Awesome. Vampire? So much fun. Banshee? Even better! The only characters I won't mess with are zombies, ghouls, ghosts, robots, and aliens. Don't ask why, because even I couldn't tell you that.

    Anyways, if any of these catch your eye, shoot me a pm or quote me on here. Thank you!

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  2. I'll do pirate x mermaid
  3. Pm me! We can discuss a plot and whatnot. :)
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