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  1. So when I checked the XCOM 2 page on Steam I noticed they were showing off some actual gameplay now.
    Any thoughts?

    Personally I like the art style, and I think the idea of XCOM being on the move underground and gathering resources to have a lot of potential.

    I also LOVE the increased customization of soldiers, the named scientist/engineers and the focus on fewer soldiers. The fewer soldiers one should help one personally relate and care for each guy more, instead of getting so many men that you start to lose attachment for all of them which was an issue I ran into with the Long War Mod.​
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  2. They're all going to die horrible deaths

    and it's all my fault...
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  3. Show Spoiler


    Now that is out of the way, here's my thoughts.

    What I like(Can and will change)

    +Increased Customization (Finally, I can ship actors and have them fight against aliens)

    +Old aliens get upgrades, Sectoids are now actually a threat instead of go here and die, Vipers(formerly Thin Men) are still the bane of my existence, just they have breasts now, Mutons are more of a pain, Chrysalids are...well... can make three babies to ruin your day. Not sure how I feel about that. At least they're more brittle now!

    +Gameplay finally makes sense! In the old game you're stuck with credits and have to loot UFOs to get the alien stuff. I don't get why the Council can't give you some of their looted alien stuff. Squad size makes sense, in the EU, having only a total of six guys up against twenty aliens in a terror mission filled with hapless civs was never good.

    +Avenger! Finally, we get a Heilcarrier to own the aliens with! Avengers assemble!

    +Possible useful abilities, like how you can chain some.

    +Hacking, oh I'm gonna enjoy abusing the aliens with their own toys.

    +Better canon story, original was just your typical alien invasion. Yes, I am aware the aliens were preparing you for something, but never explained what it was.

    +Randomly generated maps=endless supply of maps. Some may favor the ADVENT which means you must adept to survive.

    +Bradford is back! Plus new characters to enjoy. (How much longer until Shen's daughter gets unwanted fanfare?)

    +Mod support! Time to add the Combine, Covenant, Reapers, and Xenomorphs to the game. Plus Deadpool, Superman, Captain America, Batman, Percy Jackson, the Powerpoff girls, and a man named Leroy Jenkins. See how ADVENT handles that.

    +90% chance to hit? Missed? That's XCOM baby!

    What I don't like(Can and will change)

    -We lost the war, RIP effort and time I put in.

    -Raymond Shen is dead, RIP you mastermind. At least we have Lily...

    -Dr. Vahlen is possibly on ADVENT's side as suggested by the causal nature of how they answered that question and people speculating it.

    -Randomly generated maps might be unfair, favoring ADVENT a lot more than it should be.

    -Somewhat crappy alien design. Though I do like some, things like the Sectoid shows just how much badass they are now. As for Vipers, why couldn't they make it more original? Yes, I know, snake boobs might be a plus for some, but they could have had so much fun with this, but nope, snake titties it is. Muton is meh.


    -Limited run time, come on 2K and Fraixs, I want a endless XCOM game where I can just blow shit up!(Might be an option though)

    -Mods might remove Viper armor showcasing their assets.

    -They made no mention of how they'll handle the trolls, grievers, and hackers

    That's it. I'm sure there's more people can come up with. I will change my opinions once the game finally releases in Feb, 2016.
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  4. @Archwar firstly that comic is amazing! XD

    Secondly, where did you learn about a bunch of that stuff like the maps, unit size etc?
  5. Some things were mentioned at the Game Cons like EA or Gamescon. Map is on IGN Website and I've recently come across a Gamespot vid telling of a few new things like the Stun Lancer who will smack your guys with a stick and a new enemy called the Faceless which they showed while Bradford was playing Beyond Earth: Rising Tide. Another thing now I want to add to postivie is that ADVENT troops will be both male and female instead of frogs as mentioned in the vid(oh how they screwed that one up).
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  6. So basically a bunch of press releases and announcements? Cool.

    I'm hoping they have Jake Solomon play through some content pre-release like they did for the 1st.
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