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    Iʀɪsᴡᴀʟᴋ Aᴄᴀᴅᴇᴍʏ © Fᴇʟɪʟʟᴀ

    " Everyone here at Iriswalk is unique and come from all walks of life and from all over the world. However, very few are aware of Iriswalk's existence. It is a privately owned school and those that know about it, but do not attend simply think it's nothing more than an ordinary boarding school. All of the teachers are previous students and all of the students are under a vow of secrecy not to discuss beyond their immediate family. "

    2 X 2 Roleplay || Gore & Taichou
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  2. A n a t o l i o s [ Ana ] O r i o n
    Year Three - Circle Three - Invisible

    The ceremony ended two days ago. Move in day ended four days ago. And classes started today. The wind was crisp, a slight bite that turned the tips of the escapee's ears a light blush. A quick shrug tweaked up his shoulders, pushing up the hood of his hoodie, as he walked around the back roads of the school to find his 'usual' spot. The escapee was a student, an alien, a foreigner, not of the Academy, but of its inhabitants. As he wore his respected uniform, well, most of it. With a dark colored zip up replacing what would be the respected blazer that would match with the dark colored trousers, he wore a cream colored, slightly loosen, button up, with an odd pattern tie loosened a bit to much that hung around his neck, he walked in a unflattering hunch in the shadows of the main building side, covered by the towering trees, and the untrimmed shrubs on the ground.

    The bell sounded. Class has began.

    "Good Morning respected students of Iriswalk Academy. . ."

    The words of the headmaster sounded from the third story room that had its window open, and a white curtain gently being pushed in and out of the hole in the wall. Tilting his head up, the glare of the glass hitting the darks of his eyes into a squint, he stopped his strides. It all painted this cliche picture in his mind, reminding him briefly of a novel he was heavily imbursed in a few summers back, before his life did a 180, going from chapter book upon chapter book, to Superhero Marvel and DC comic books. Although, the original scene had a setting in a later time, after school to be exact, when the orange glow colored the classroom completely; it involved a boy who conveniently was a introvert, didn't have friends, only relied on himself, and was at the top of his class-- he was cornered a group of guys picking on the weak kid, taking his glasses, breaking them, the first punch was thrown, and then one thing led to the other. Ana dropped his head, his eyes hiding in the shadow that was brought by his hood, forcing his chill bitten hands into the pockets, continuing quickly away the exposing surroundings.

    The novel was actually a romance.

    Kicking a slightly larger gravel than many of its surroundings on the pathway, he took a sharp turn into a court yard that lead the building he was trailing around on, to the next one that held the higher leveled classes.


    Ana stopped. Frozen in his steps. His heart racing. His breath caught, and held. A large lump forming in his very throat. He was caught, he was done for, an escapee, a runaway, on the first day of school. There was no way administration was going to let this slide, not when his recorded was completely spotted with endless amounts of absences from previous years. Ana's head lifted, revealing his blank expression that spoke otherwise compared to his racing mind, and body reactions.

    "Pick it up."

    Three boys, one significantly taller stood in the middle, more muscly than the two that stood behind him on both sides, snickering back and forth as there eyes stared not at what seemed to be there pack leader in the middle, but to something that stood quietly, and calmly against the shadowed wall. Out of instinct, Ana backed away quietly behind the corner of the building where he was before. Peering over to watch this unfold.

    "I know you can hear me, bitch. Bend over and pick up what ya' dropped."

    "Ehe. Look at her skirt Eiki.. Pretty short eh?" One henchmen said to the other, and towards the top dog that held his eyebrow with brooding, annoying arrogance.

    Ana watched as the taller male stepped closer to his victim. A girl, she had short dark hair, fair skin, didn't wear glasses, and her skirt wasn't even short. The novel played like a movie in his head. Watching as the girl, the weak main character in this novel, lifted her head, the lightly biting cold pushing away her loose curls that blocked her complexion, revealing her own blank and fearless expression. The gentle wind blew the paperwork that seemed to be what the brute was referring too before, over, getting closer and closer to Ana's position. He had to pick it up, collect it for her, but what if he was caught.

    The wind stopped. The paper stopped. Then, she spoke.

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  3. R a i n e  L e v e r e t t
    Year Three - Lie Detector


    That was a good word.

    The breeze, the sky, the very air she breathed - it filled her every limb. It filled her lungs and filled her with an odd energy, a motivation neither good nor bad to begin a new day. A day that, admittedly, wasn't all too exciting. Being at the same school for two straight years caused many things to become monotonous. The same routine, the same environments, the same people in her year.

    But today seemed a little off, deviating from the normal dullness that would fill her head with unsavory thoughts. She had brushed the feelings away at first, let them fade into the background, but the mystery that came with them enticed her. She felt no knot in her stomach, though she felt no content warming her calmly beating heart. Just .. neutrality. It was strange, out-of-the-ordinary, and she didn't know whether she liked it or not.

    In any case, nothing could vex the solemn little girl that now walked, walked, paced step by paced step, counting the seconds in between in her mind.

    She had silk hair atop her head, oak brown in color. Her eyes were lighter, almost golden brown, shimmering in the light. A delicate physique held the uniform designated to each and every female student, even though she had been quite reluctant to put it on. A cream button-up, with a small bow-tie tied around the collar, held a symbol on the right breast that was the crest of Iriswalk Academy. The skirt - yes, she was wearing a skirt, for the love of God - was a similar cream, a subtle shade darker, with a thin brown line wrapping around the bottom seam. Brown thigh-high socks traveled down to her very own Converse sneakers, relics of her travels for two entire years and counting. Over all of this, a large, baggy brown zip-up hoodie was draped, large enough to trail to her skirt's end, the sleeves pushed up as to keep her dainty hands and thin wrists visible.

    In her hand, she carried with her a small group of papers stapled together that was to be delivered to her new teacher. it was a couple of sheets detailing some of the illnesses she had - specifically, her depression. She always gave her teacher details about it at the beginning of the year, since the illness could take a toll on her work ethic and drop her grade by a landslide. It helped her greatly in her time at Iriswalk. An official note from her doctor and various other documents made up the small packet.

    A couple of minutes of walking passed, the footsteps that she took hushed from the worn soles of her shoes. She passed a small trio of young men whom looked like third or fourth years. She wasn't numb all around; she felt the pinpricks of stares pierce her, and remain on her as she passed. She ignored them entirely, uninterested. However, it did not end there, not in the slightest. Shuffling could be heard from behind her, and when she was a few feet away, the sounds of quiet, incoherent murmurs and three pairs of footsteps began.


    She continued to ignore it. She felt a chill run down her back. The soft skin of her arms developed tiny goosebumps. She felt unease settle in her stomach, a thin film that bubbled uncomfortably inside of her. Though they could have simply stood by coincidence, as she passed, only a fool would think that. For false comfort. The girl's face, once relaxed and tranquil, suddenly hardened into sincere, solemn blankness. Until they were gone, she could not feel safe.

    And they didn't leave. They walked, following her, just a little ways behind. They thought she was oblivious, blind to her senses. She played along, continuing to her destination. She took the most open directions, the most open paths, until she was forced to go down a narrower one that made her fingers tense their grip on her small packet of papers.

    Her walk did not slow nor did it speed up, but theirs did. She felt a rush of something, a rush of caution, as several red flags shot straight into the air. And surely enough, they signaled true danger.

    They passed her, and one of them managed to bat the papers from her hand. She stopped dead, freezing. Her expression did not change, but her eyes flashed. Every nerve in her body was sparking with enormous energy, like live wires under her skin.

    The girl, after stopping for a brief moment, did not bend to pick her paper up. She had a feeling that the motion was exactly what they wanted, what she could feel their burning eyes on her for. So, she instead looked up, straight ahead. No wavering. She took a step, and another, and another, keeping her eyes off of all three of them. No looking, no satisfaction.

    But before she could get far -


    They grouped together, forming a wall in her path. She did not speak, she did not flinch. Every single instinct screamed at her to run, but she did not move. That wasn't her, that wasn't a thing that Raine Leverett would fear enough to do.

    "Pick it up."

    The voice was gruff, condescending. He expected her to follow his command, as if she was a dog and he was the master. But she wouldn't move. Everything, her eyesight and smelling and hearing, intensified and sharpened. Dangerous instinct - a sign that her body was preparing to fight or take flight. She was quiet. She felt the cool breeze flow against her skin, she felt herself breathing without stammer. A bird twittered overhead.

    "I know you can hear me, bitch. Bend over and pick up what ya' dropped."

    Raine didn't comply. Her hands were by her sides. Her gaze was forward. The blank, ready eyes moved up slowly to the face of the talker, nothing holding back the seething nothingness that made her gaze so flat.

    "Ehe. Look at her skirt Eiki.. Pretty short eh?"

    Her fingers on both hands twitched. She didn't move, she didn't move her eyes or her body. Her hands moved up, crossing over her chest instinctively. She stood up taller. She refused to appear submissive. She didn't care what he did, she wouldn't give any of them satisfaction. Even as the leader stepped forward, towering, she was sucked dry of a drive to care. The papers, now abandoned on the ground, fluttered in the breeze, scraping along the ground away from her, but nothing could distract her gaze from the person standing over her now.

    This wasn't about the cruel teasing they had planned anymore. This was about her resistance.

    And the moment came where the breeze, the fluttering of the papers, ceased. And it was then that the opportunity came. The silence had drawn on too long. She braced herself, taking in a breath.

    " .. Oops. Sorry. I can't understand you." Her voice was cold, flat. No hint of shyness or hesitance, nothing. "I don't speak pig."

    The face of the boy contorted suddenly at the comment. "Excuse me?" He stalked forward, but she was planted firmly in place. "You heard me," she said, her voice nonchalant, gazing at him pointedly. "You wanna take that back?" His face had become redder, his eyes on fire as they bore into her own. Raine, repressing the red flags that kept shooting up and up, replied, "Learn how to talk to women, then get back to me, okay?" She tried turning, as if leaving in the other direction, but something latched around her wrist. A hand, with a grip of iron.

    "You're not getting away that easy. Fuckin' - "

    There was a moment of adrenaline where she realized what was about to happen. As she turned to look at him dead on again, his free hand lifted, and descended sharply down towards her. With a loud, resounding smack, her vision flashed white and the grip on her hand was suddenly released. She stumbled back and fell, feeling a burning on her elbows as they scraped against the cold cement ground. Her hand immediately came up to the now throbbing, tingling spot on her face, intensely warm and sensitive, and she coughed. Her heart was beating faster than ever now.

    "Get up, c'mon! You're real clever, right? Think you're funny? Get the fuck up!" The other two were joining in the banter, and the eye of the smacked side of Raine's face was watering. A tear ran down her cheek, only a single one. Her head was hazy. She wouldn't get up, though. Do what they might have, she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of following his command. She was too good for that.

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  4. A n a t o l i o s [ Ana ] O r i o n
    Year Three - Invisible

    Her voice, it was pitched, light, almost delicate, but something about it stabbed Ana dead center unexpectedly. Her words, cold and sharp. They were like throwing knives, the way she played with her words, thrown in many different directions, affecting all that listened, putting them in an anxious type of state. Ana could feel it, he could feel his body move on its own the very moment the brute took his step forward, the lone heroine took her step back, and then, just like the novel, one thing led to the other. The impact was loud. The sound rang through his ears, repeating even after the fact, just like a broken record. His head, replaying the grab of her wrist, and the swing of his fist, then her body falling. It brought an unwanted chill to his body, raising goosebumps that flooded him from toe to tip.


    The hands that were once balled up safely in the pockets of hoodie, and the body that stood comfortably behind the corner of the building, were now, both exposed.

    Run. Run. RUN.


    His legs twitched, one stepping forward to gently put a stop to the winds provocative ways that pushed the sheets that had paragraphs upon paragraphs of something Ana didn't bother to take the time to read it. But, with a quick skim from his wandering eyes, it read a name that caught his eye:

    Raine Leverett.

    Was it hers?

    Ceasing his assumptions, for the name Raine Leverett now whirled in his mind accompanied by curiosity; he forced his eyes to slowly traveling back to the scene that somehow brought to the escapee's revealing, along with nostalgia of a really good book, Ana moved again. His shaky legs moving, surprisingly, one in front of the other, closer and closer to the other bodies, that were once indulged with the defenseless girl on the ground. The closer the got, the quieter it got.The hazing fell to a hush, the only thing that made up for the eerie silence, that raised the anxiety for Ana personally, was the piercing stares that came along with it.

    The wallflower was now seen. But he did not waver.

    It wasn't long until all the documents were in his hands, and he was only a few steps away from the four characters of this newly written chapter in what could be this nonexistent novel.

    "What the fuck? What are you doing?"

    Nothing. He was actually doing something that was considered something, but to him, was nothing. Although, this nothing, did poke negatively towards the game master, and already, he could feel his hot breath in his face. As Ana was holding out the papers towards the assumed Raine Leverett. There was a blockage in his mind that failed to alert himself consciously that he has now entered the ring of danger, and that the problem was already in his face, barking at him with beady dark eyes, and a bright blue vein that popped out on his right temple.

    Ana's hearing was fuzzy, his ears ringing at the brute's flowing sentences of hate that wrapped around Ana's small attention span, only to dissolve to leave room for something more important than this unnecessary haze towards the poor bystander.

    "Look at me when I'm fucking talking to you!"

    Ana did. His stare was empty, not fazed at the huffing and puffing male in front of him, that was obviously, by appearance, stronger than the lanky skeleton that was Ana. Naturally one would be scared. If this was a natural situation in any considerable aspect, Ana would've already been gone, he wouldn't have been here, he wouldn't have forced himself out of his invisible bubble, and put him into this dangerous situation.

    Exposure was scary.

    "Are you even listening to me? Say something you fucking punk."

    Ana wasn't entirely bothered by the yelling, for his eyes dropped, staring at the girl that was on the ground with the swollen face. That was until his his neck got tight at the base, for there was a nasty grip at the collar of his button up uniform. His eyes shot over at the brute, who's grip was suffocating.

    "Now I got your attention." a sadistic chuckle came from him, causing Ana to tense underneath his hold. "Tell me, what the fuck are made you think that you could help this good for nothing bitch."

    As they both looked each other in the eye, everyone waiting for Ana to say something. His teeth clenched. No words surfaced, because the reality of it all, Ana didn't know why he was doing this. He was just here, although he wasn't suppose to be here. He was the wallflower, the invisible escapee on the first day of classes. He was not suppose to exists. He was suppose to blend in with the surroundings and be forgotten. But, with all eyes on him, Ana had to think of something to subvice the brute to save himself from some sort of physical contact that was already on its way either way--

    He only shrugged.

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  5. R a i n e  L e v e r e t t
    Year Three - Lie Detector

    A rush of fear, a rush of defiance - both balanced to create an unhealthy equilibrium, a lack of concern and a drive to be void. She knew she would pay for it, she knew the boy and his two henchmen would probably beat her senseless, and her heart beat fast, faster than normal, because of this. But she accepted her fate - she was better at doing that than anyone, and she was the best at simply closing her eyes and keeping emptily still when the danger ordered her to move.

    But the chanting voices, the harsh commands, they ceased. In their leave, an eerie silence replaced them, and her eyes opened (as far as her right one would allow). A rustle of paper. A breeze drifting by, more delicate calls of birds in the distance, more leaves bristling.

    Her head turned.

    There stood a young man - a boy whom she had no idea was there. A boy whom had, somehow, slipped past her awareness. She hadn't heard him approach, she hadn't heard him move or breathe at all. And this revelation surprised her. Her hand didn't move from her cheek, but her eyes were fixated on this mystery of a person.

    Lanky. Fair height. Fair skin too, and dark, inky black hair. His eyes .. his eyes were strange, caught hers almost immediately. Maroon in color, a dull shade, but caged. Restrained. Watered down on purpose, it felt like, as if he was hiding something. The boy didn't speak, but held the papers she needed very dearly in one of his hands. It was tensed - her eyes studied it, the tendons visible, the fingers curled to a small degree. Slowly, the hand holding these papers drifted to the side, towards her.

    He was handing them back to her.

    For a moment, the shock left her unable to do anything but stare. The pig got into his face, hissing, "What the fuck? What are you doing?", with an expression akin to an angered rottweiler stuck on his mug. And yet this boy didn't speak a word. He didn't utter a sound, he didn't move an inch. He just .. stared, his hand held very still, clutching her documents as if they were the only important factor there.

    Raine snapped out of the surprise, and blinked. Rendered completely silent, the girl's hand reached up, slowly, cautiously. Being honest, she felt more intimidated by this boy than she did by the pig spitting in his face. His composure was .. well, she couldn't really explain it. It reminded her of the way people described her in danger, except even more intense - icy, completely flat, unfazed. Her fingers closed on the papers, and she slipped them out of his hand, drawing her arm back to her chest and holding the small packet of papers close to her chest.

    When the pig demanded that this mystery say something, his eyes dropped down to her - briefly making contact with her own. Raine stared back, locked, unable to look away. For some reason, she wanted to sputter out a thank you, something, anything. She had this urge to speak to him and make him speak back. Why don't you say something?

    But the staring contest was broken when the pig gripped the collar of his shirt, tightly enough to draw his attention back forward. The pig threatened him, giving him a nasty question, "Tell me, what the fuck made you think that you could help this good for nothing bitch." It made an ice run through her veins, those words. And there was a silence, a deep, tense silence. She slowly looked behind the main pig at the other two that followed him, whom both looked confused as confused could be at the situation that had taken such a turn. Her eyes wandered - a bird fluttered overhead, twittering the same tune she had picked up on but a minute ago. The breeze huffed again, softly passing through the space the small group was tucked in.

    Her eyes fell back, from the sky, to the pig, and she looked just in time to see the young man shrug. No words still, no change - just the simple motion.

    No, no, you're gonna get yourself hurt. She didn't give a shit about what happened to her, but when other people risked themselves for her sake, there was a problem. She felt a sudden impulse to stand, get the pig's hands off of this boy, but she didn't. Her body wouldn't respond.

    "Would you look at this guy? The fuck is he even doing?" The pig was staring back at his other two flankers, who glanced at each other and shrugged, guffawing at the words. "Kid, I'm gonna beat the shit outta you first, and then I'm gonna get what I can outta her - "

    Before the pig could even finish, another voice - a deep voice, loud enough to be heard by all in the area, a voice that stammered a bit near the start - rang out from behind her. Heads turned.

    "Wh-what's going on?"

    C a s p e r    J e a n a n
    Fourth Year - Size & Strength

    Oh no. Oh no, what am I seeing?

    There he was, walking to his first class. He had taken a route he usually wouldn't have, a fresh path, something new to start off his last year - and he had walked right into whatever was happening here. A girl was on the ground, a guy was holding a smaller guy by the neck of his shirt, and two dudes were in the background flanking the bigger guy.

    He had spoken up, knowing he'd probably regret it. However, the two behind the first guy saw him, and their expressions started to melt from amused to anxious. Casper, personally, found himself anxious too, and there was a sort-of horror etching his facial features right then.

    This boy wasn't an average boy - oh dear me, no. This boy towered quite strongly over the whole lot of them, and not a person there could compare to his heavy build, not even the leader. His school uniform was in place - the cream button-up, a plain brown tie, dark trousers, and blazer currently draped over his shoulder - along with his own big, scruffy shoes on his feet. His black hair was as tamed as he had managed to get it, and his icy eyes were transfixed on the scene, wide and bright. He was a sight to behold, surely, built like a monster - someone that was not to be opposed.

    Or so it seemed, at least.

    Casper could almost feel his legs trembling. He didn't think he'd become a part of something like this, ever, but there he was - with several pairs of eyes trained right onto him. Even who appeared to be the biggest of the group faltered in his aggressive expression, taken aback. Casper gathered himself, realizing what was happening now.

    "What do you think you're doing?" His expression was still wide-eyed, shocked, but his tone took on a subtle force, demanding an answer to what was going on. Judging from what he saw, he had a good guess as to what was happening anyways.

    " .. The fuck is this now? Is he your body guard or somethin'?" The eyes of the person gripping the smaller boys' shirt shifted back to them, and he seemed to jerk them harshly as he asked. Yeah, that was enough for Casper to realize - but it wasn't enough for him to abandon his timid state. His eyes flickered down to the girl on the ground, and with the brief glance he took, he realized that something was wrong with her face. Was .. was it swollen? It was certainly red on one side, and there was a shimmer of something .. a tear streak. Her eye was swollen a little too.

    Did these guys -

    " .. Hey .. h-hey, quit it, let go of him." Casper, suddenly having found a new reason to stop this, walked forward, towards the bigger guy who was holding onto the smaller guy. The bigger guys' eyes whipped up to him, and he only stared at Casper. He wouldn't let go. "I said let go of him, man." He got closer, and now, the height difference was much more apparent. Casper was trying very hard to assert himself, to intervene, and he seemed to be pulling it off with his expression now changed. Horror-struck, slowly melting into something sterner.

    " .. Pfft .. or what?" His tone was quavering now, very subtly. He suddenly didn't sound as confident as he did before. Casper saw the grip tighten, and that was all the verbal warnings he had planned to give.

    He stepped forward, and thrusting his hands out, he took a forceful grip on the guys' wrist and practically ripped his hand off of the collar. On accident, Casper threw his arm behind him in the process, causing the guy to stumble. The two flanking him, anxious-looking already, become shocked at the sight.

    " .. Or .. or that." Casper found his voice again, finding that it, too, was close to shaking. There were emotions swirling around in him, bad ones that made his stomach knot and a weird hotness rush to his hands. It made his fingers twitch inwards. "Now .. I-I really don't want to have to fight anyone, okay? S-so .. " he paused, swallowing his own skittishness, " .. if you and your, uh - your friends - would just leave, it doesn't have to escalate."

    His hands were up, palms forward, as if bracing himself for something. This was so sudden, so .. out of place. He hoped that he wouldn't get caught in the middle of this - he had a decent record, and this would be one of his bigger screw-ups. But if it was for helping some other kids, at least it was worth getting in trouble for.

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