X-Men Roleplay wanted (possible I Am Legend Mash up)

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  1. So I've not seen an X-Men roleplay around here in quite some time. Now I don't mind just doing a one on one roleplay, but for this I would really enjoy a group roleplay. I'd prefer that you all play your own characters. the first plot would still be fighting against Magneto. The Brotherhood of Mutants are up to something and this time it looks like they have every chance to succeed in their quest for domination. Since Professor X has been missing in action as well as all of the main X-Men (Wolverine, Jean, Cyclops, Storm, etc), the newer generation must find a way to defeat Magneto and save their world from what it faces now; annihilation. Due to the constant fight between the X-Men, The Brotherhood of Mutants, and the other humans, the world faces a world war, and one that would destroy all life on Earth.

    Another idea is for a mash up with I am Legend.

    A deadly virus sweeps the United States after a miracle cure for cancer is broadcast over the news. Being mutants, they are immune to both bite and viral. But their other human companions however, are not. And soon they realize that they must either leave their school, or stay and fight. Three years pass, and they stayed. Some of them are gone, killed by the infected. They are still out there, but now food seems to be an issue. Patrols of mutants are sent out constantly to search for food and survivors. But soon, all of them must face the inevitable; their hide out being found by the infected beasts. Of the surviving mutants is Professor X himself. He never allowed himself to fall prey to the beasts due to his inability to walk, but now he has the gear to walk even with his paralysis. Being the only one left of the original X-Men, all except for Wolverine who hasn't been seen in years, must decide whether to order his brave troop to leave their safety zone to find a better place, maybe even a survivors colony (or form one far from the beasts), or to have them try and fight off the infected humans and free Salem, new York from them.

    So, here's the sign up for it.

  2. Oh wow, this truly sounds interesting! I feel like I simply must be a part of this! I'm a huge fan of X-men and to have a mash-up with I Am Legend sounds really intriguing.

    Name: Reesha Crawford
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Power: She's able to shape shift in to either a snow white eagle or a snow leopard.
    Kin: Mutant.
    Picture: [​IMG] ((without the accessory on the back of her head.))
    Other: Reesha can be quite temperamental but is most often shy and quiet, there is very little which is known about her past, one might think that she's lived in the forest for most of her life!
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  3. I'm pretty surprised that someone actually signed up for this, I kind of forgot about it. It'll probably be one on one until we get more players but welcome! I'll create a charrie sheet in a minute.
  4. Thank you and I don't mind! I got really really curious so I felt that I wasn't able to just pass on this one!



    Name: Martin Lucjan Poplawsky

    Age: 19 years

    Gender: Male

    Power: Gravity Manipulation; must be in direct contact or use an item to touch another item to be able to influence gravity

    • Maksym Poplawsky, biological father (deceased)
    • Serafin Kosciusko, step-father
    • Eugenia Poplawsky-Kosciusko, mother
    • Madeline Grazyna Poplawsky, elder sister
    • Marianna Leokadia Kosciusko, younger half-sister

    Other: Martin Poplawsky, son of Polish immigrants to New York City, grew up in the Polish community, staying strong to his heritage. At his 12th birthday, three days before the birth of his younger half-sister, he suddenly launched a present into the sky. At his 13th birthday, while bowling with friends, he accidentally sank a bowling ball into the lane and forced it into the foundation of the building. Needless to say his family paid for repairs. Throughout much of his teenage life, he accidentally would send things flying towards heaven or sinking to make a journey to the earth's center. At one time, he sent his first kiss to the top of the school building. She never kissed him again. Throughout discovering himself, his mother fell victim to physical abuse to their step-father and she would in turn take it out on him. Eventually, after years of physical, verbal and emotional abuse and the unpredictability of his power, he found himself depressed and--afraid to socialize because of his power--lonely. One night, on rooftop, he held an umbrella to shield against the rain as he overlooked the street below. He planned to jump. And he did. But he never fell. His power let him instead sail with the wind, using the umbrella as a type of parachute/parasail type object.

    Through more experimentation, he was able to control his powers and traverses across New York City by rooftop and umbrella. His older sister, who knew about his "condition" would jokingly say, "You're not Martin Poplawski. You're Mary Poppins! Even your name's not too far from hers!" Currently, he's lives alone, having left home and sailing above New York City as a delivery boy for several restaurants. He's the fastest one around, though no one knows how he manages to get things across New York City traffic so quickly.
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  6. Welcome.

    Lev, you should know, a bro is always welcomed in my roleplays.
  7. *squeals like a little girl* I'M A BRO.
  8. Name: Argon (pronounced Arr-gone) St. Peter
    Age: 20 (though he was born in 1701, his body seems to hold an anti-aging agent)
    Gender: Male
    Power: Argon has a very unique power. aside from being able to fly thanks to his wings, he has the ability to sing someone to sleep...or death. His lullaby's are nothing to take lightly, because while his voice is engrossing and very....soothing, they can put you in a vegetative state; a trance if you will.
    Kin: Unknown
    Other: Not much is known from this man's past. What people who got to know him do know that he is a very old man, but doesn't look it nor does his body show the true age. You see, his wings seem to more than wings; they hold a healing power. Not in the ways of you stab him and he won't die no, but in the aging process. But what Argon knows of his past is a bit sad. He once had a wife and child, but since he was unable to age like they did, he watched all of them grow old and die. He did not pass his mutant gene onto his offspring. He's fought in almost every war (in his own way as his wings would have made a wonderful target, unlike Angel, he cannot conceal his wings for they are far too big). He helped bring the sick and injured back to health, and in Germany helped people get to America.

    Now days, he's alone after the Apocalypse. He's too afraid to go and see this 'Robert Neville' because he fears that he'll be caught and killed by him. Even now humans feared mutants; somehow they blamed them for it all. So now he searches for his own kind.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Alex " Screechier" Bravos
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Mutants powers: Sound manipulation; (Definition if you do not know)User can create, shape and manipulate sound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. From the point of view of physics, sound is considered to be the waves of vibratory motion themselves, whether or not they are heard by the human ear. User can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement. At low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, while high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans but can be used for sonar-like effects. Since sound vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and any form of medium, defense by using physical barriers is difficult.

    Kin: His sister who he left behind with his parents who he thought escaped

    Past/History: Alex grew up in New York, His life style was mostly middle class with his mother, Father and sister(this is open to anyone who would like to play my sister). But finding out about his powers is what ruined his life completely and his sisters to, Going to school was rough. Until he heard of world going down, he could hear his friends screaming at his house. But his one and only true friend came to the back door and spoke of a place were he could be safe, Leaving he forgot about his mutant powered sister. But by then there was no way to go back, the rest of his life he spent thinking about how to repay his sister for him leaving her by herself, he wishes he could see her again...he wishes she was alive.

    -As said before he has a sister which is open to be played by anyone
    -He also plays the piano​
  10. I will fix it Im on my schools computer and i have to leave right right right right right now

    Name: Chi
    Age: 14 (but looks 10)
    Gender: Female
    Power: Unknown but she seams to be able to move water and turn it to ice and.....Blood (Dan Dan DANNNNNN)
    Kin: unknown
    [​IMG] (fake fox ears she likes Fox's)
    Other: She just awaken but she seams to like Cookies and Sweet stuff. and fox's too
  11. Welcome Akuma and welcome Chi
  12. ((Can I be the sister, Akuma?))

    Name: Serena Bravos
    Age: 17
    Power: Healing. She can heal herself and others with a sort of blue light that emanates from her hands whenever she decides to use it. Though she has no way of knowing it yet, she can heal to a molecular level as well, which makes her live for as long as no one rips her heart out or cuts her head off.
    It's considerably harder to heal herself than to heal others. It saps her energy and makes her dizzy sometimes.
    If she has a very bad wound (like her heart pierced), she may have to remain unconscious for a few hours to fully recover (time varies depending on wound). Also, when she uses her powers on others, their injuries become hers, though they appear on her body less pronounced than on the victim. (ex: person she heals has a broken ankle, Serena's will be slightly twisted and sore for a few days, but then she'd be fine.) She can cure diseases, and when she does, the person or herself becomes permanently immune to the disease
    Kin: Alex Bravos
    Past/History: Same as Alex until he left her at the house with her parents, running away with his best friend and not her... While it was inevitable when her parents got the virus, she was unable to heal one fast enough to heal the other before dying herself. She couldn't choose between her parents of course, and she had also been infected. They became beasts and Serena had to kill them, then heal herself, making herself immune to the virus. Since then she's roamed, searching for her best friend and only family left. Her brother.
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  13. Cool i got a sister! lol
  14. Name: Masquerade
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Unknown
    Power: Shape shifting, and healing of self
    Picture: No known picture of Masquerade truly exists.
    Other: Masquerade has no memory of a former life. He awoke inside the walls of a complex in northern Russia which he discovered to be owned by Russian military. Masquerade lacked a memory of himself or real form. While snooping around the what appeared to be abandoned facility he discovered a file only called Masquerade. Inside the folder were plans to build a super assassin which could alter his form and heal. Unfortunately according to the files all previous subjects except for one had died in the process of producing the assassin. Masquerade quickly escaped and has taken a liking to a person dressed in a black trench coat with a neat black dress shirt underneath along with matching pants and shoes. His face is simply that of a Masquerade mask, which changes according to his mood, and has long smooth brown hair with a black hat. Those who have worked with, if you wish to call it that, Masquerade have described him as truly insane. Without a sense of identity or threat he can quickly fly off the handle and has a hard time working with others.
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