X-Men: New Horizons

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  1. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters has been open for many years now with many a gifted student passing through its halls. Its halls filled with the coming and going of many people over the years. Its solidified position as a place for Mutants to come to learn how to harness and control their 'Gift'. For many decades the humans and mutants have lived in peace with one another and have co-existed in harmony with one another. Each mutant having their own mark on the history leading up to this point.

    The school's dorms are full of students ready for the coming week end and with the day slowly pressing forward and the sun rising the day is about to begin. It is in fact the weekend and for the students that means two free days to do what they please within reason. An allowance was granted to each of 100$ to use within a 1 week period. Every student given this money with the hope that they will learn life skills and spend it appropriately.

    Outside the window the silent beauty of snow surrounds the school in its entirety. The silent snowflakes drifting down upon the ground covering all around. The cool wind whips lightly against the windows of all of the schools rooms. A small coating of Ice covers the windows making it hard to see outside.

    Lyn groaned loudly and rolled over in her bed as a alarm began to sound off. The night before she turned the heater in her room off and opened her eyes to see her breath misting as it came out of her mouth. She blinked twice and rolled over once more so that she was on her side. She sighed before sliding her legs over the side of her bed and standing up. She stood in a pure blue night gown and made her way over to the large window in her bedroom. She tried looking out and began to laugh "I can't believe in snowed that much!" She called out in excitement before turning and hurriedly making her way to her wardrobe.

    She spent the next five minutes taking things out and putting them on so she fully matched. She took out a white windbreaker jacket and put it on after putting a long sleeve aqua blue shirt on underneath. She had a pair of Blue Denim jeans on and a pair of White UGG boots. She hurried went into the bathroom and began to do her hair up. She was near alone with the natural color of her hair. Her hair was a snow white color that blended perfectly with the snow that lay on the ground outside. She finished her hair and began to go for the door. She opened it and took a step outside to see others moving around her in all directions. She quickly began to brush past them and made her way to the door. She reached the main entrance door and opened it up.

    Lyn stepped outside into the freezing cold air and began to giggle like a child. She looked around in all directions at all the snow falling around her. She immediately ran for a large snow mound and jumped into it. She landed on it and began to make a snow angle inside of it. She stopped after a short time and stared up at the sky. 'All is quiet... All is well... I am so very happy to be alive..' she thought quietly to herself. She exhaled and watched the mist float away and up a bit before disappearing. She stood up and made her back to the side walk to admire her monstrosity of a snow angel.
  2. Johnathan woke up from his bed after hearing the stirring of others outside his dorm room. He sat up in his bed and eyed his roommate, which was his brother Johnson. Johnathan smirked as he used his telekinesis to pick a pillow up and slam it against his head, waking him up with a startle. Johnson eyed his brother and jumped out of his bed, running over towards the window. "It snowed. Oh my god! Come on, John!" Johnson exclaimed while going over his closet and putting on a pair of blue jeans, a plain black t-shirt and his trench coat along with a pair of tennis shoes.

    Johnson loved the snow and nearly ran over every single kid in his way just to go outside. He saw that someone had made a snow angel then just ran all over it and seen a female admiring it. She looked familiar but he did forget her name. "Oh, I am sorry that I ruined your beautiful snow angel." He said in an apologetic tone. Soon, Johnathan came outside, wearing similar clothing to his brother as he walked over and stood beside Lyn. "Hey there, Lyn. How are you doing this weekend morning?" He asked her while looking at the dismantled snow angel.

    The twins looked at each other then back at Lyn as they waited to see how she was doing.
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