X-Force: Red and Black

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  1. Gambit sat in a chair with a desk behind him. A lit cigar shown in the dark room, he breathed heavy. He heard of X force and was no stranger getting his hands dirty. He grew up as a thief and had to fight his whole life to just make it day by day. After he became Death for apocalypse things changed, he broke free of that with some help. However Death would always be apart of him. The only thing he didn't know was who else was on the new team besides him or what their mission was. Ruffling through his cards he flipped of the top one. A joker. "Ah, the world she be laughing at me mon ami."

    (this is an xmen role play but you don't have to be a marvel character it's just in the marvel universe. To be a team member your character needs to be an xan you can make one up or create your own if you do describe your powers the plot will unfold as more people join hope this helps)
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