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  1. I'm interested in a WWII/Holocaust hero thing. Like perhaps a young woman (me) is captured by the Nazis and taken to a Concentration Camp where she is put through hell by the officers there and used for medical experiments. After almost a whole year of being there, she is about to give up hope and just let the guards kill her when the allies make a surprise attack and take over the camp, freeing the dwindled number of survivors. One of the officers who is in the relocation group takes the young woman home to America with him and begins falling for her as he sees her start to bloom and flourish, her original state pushing back through now that she is free.

    Perhaps the young woman has a younger sister or brother, or maybe she is taken in by an older person who had been there before her so she would know how to survive longer.

    I would need you to play the main guard/officer that captures the young woman and makes sure she is thoroughly uncomfortable. You can even go as far as raping her in one scene, you just have to be a complete dickhole. I'll also ask you to play the man who finds her when the allies invade and takes her with him.

    Other details can be discussed.
  2. This sounds interesting ^^ I was in an rp similar to this quite a while ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As for wanting your character to have a younger brother or something, that wouldn't be a problem with me ^^
  3. I could play the brother or something since you're already playing the officer unless you want to. I just want something tragic to scar my character so it changes her life forever.
  4. Okay ^^ Would you want a character sheet for my two characters?
  5. Sure ^^!

    I'll send you one after I get yours. I'm still developing my characters.
Thread Status:
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