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  1. This character profile is from the world-building group role-play Wuinderre-Expanse


    Full Name:
    Chianna LaCroix.
    (Chee-anna La-Croy, Chee)

    Chianna appears to be quite a shy girl, she prefers not to speak when it's not necessary and much prefers to listen before acting. She would much rather watch people before interacting with them to get an idea (even if it's basic) to what they're really like. When she's warmed to someone she's actually quite sweet, she can be funny and fiercely protective.

    Chi stands a modest Five feet and three inches tall, with a slight, willowy frame. She was lucky, her father was well off and they'd ridden out most of the nuclear wars in an underground bunker, meaning her skin was a willowy white colour save her finger tips which were slightly stained an off tinge of green. Her complexion was quite fair, without much in the way of marks, scars or blemishes. She has a typical oval shaped face, with a bright shock of copper coloured hair which due to it being quite curly she keeps short, clipped down below her ears. She has water blue eyes which reflect much of her emotions. Her high cheekbones sport a small tattoo in the shape of a heart under her right eye. She has a button nose and sweet pink lips were almost perpetually in a sweet little pout. She has a modest bust, that fits her frame well and is accentuated only by the off brown corset she wears. Slender, narrow hips are covered by pale brown trousers which are tucked into travelling boots. When out in the upper world she often wears a simple respirator to filter out most of the dirt and toxins as well as a brown leather duster, old and beaten that belongs to her father, his name embroidered on the inside pocket.

    Basic History:
    The LaCroix name was built on pharmaceuticals. But that didn't matter when the bombs started to drop and they retreated to their bunkers. People were rioting everywhere and their eyes all turned angrily to anyone who was rich. Her father had been a very giving man but it was hard to please hundreds of people when the bunker you owned would sustain only four. He had to fight his way with his heavily pregnant wife to the bunker with their good friend Jack keeping them both safe. The dropping bombs barely shook their bunker but the vibrations triggered early labour and Chi was born in the middle of a barrage. From Jack and her father she learned a great many things that would usually be taught at schools and from her mother she learned to sew and knit and how to make things grow. They often tried to grow things in a simple pot of soil they'd taken with them but nothing seeded. Or if something grew it was weak and weedy and died before it blossomed. Not that Chi cared, she was convinced that one day green things would grow everywhere on the world like in the books and stories Jack read to her.

    When she was seventeen the Doctor contacted her parents via Jack (who often went out with Chi on supply runs) offering Chi a chance at a better life. They bickered about it while she slept until, without her parents permission, Jack told Chi the offer he'd had and she chose to volunteer. Her parents, certain they'd never see their little girl again prepared her for the worst. Her father gave her his beloved duster jacket***, complete with a hip flask full of their famous 'all cure' before the fall. He gave her dried food packs in the pockets and a compass and her mother gave her her respirator mask. Jack promised to go with her and drop her off personally and they set off.

    Extra Information:
    - Partially deaf.
    - Knows how BSL (British Sign Language).
    - Dryad Chi also wears armour/riding clothes


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