WTP: Land-Based Vehicles (Compiling)

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The Worldbuilding Templates Project is back, and it needs your help!

WTP is a project to compiles awesome templates/profiles for worldbuilders to fill out, which help expand and add detail to their worldbuilding, much like the character bios over in the Roleplay Institute!

It works like this:

A worldbuilding subject is given
You ask questions about it
The questions are sorted and compiled by yours truly into three formats (mini, medium, and ultra) and posted over in Worldbuilding Expansions for everyone to use!

We're compiling for Land-Based Vehicles right now, so ask questions about land-based vehicles for us to use in the template! Here's some examples to get this party started

Vehicle name:
Shape of vehicle:
What powers this vehicle?
Is this a very upscale mode of transport?
Is this vehicle prone to breaking down?
To what technological age does this vehicle belong?


Is it customizable?
Can it be customized professionally or only DIY? Or both?
Can it be repaired by non-standard means?
Does it require very specific parts to fix/maintain?
What speed does it top out at?
Does it accelerate quickly or slowly?
What sort of ticks does it come with? (shaking at high speeds, difficulty steering)
How does the braking system work?
How many people can it sit?
How many extra people can it sit?
Does it have all sorts of 'bells n whistles' or is it very simple/plain?
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Is it capable of acting as a home for one or more people?
Is it armored? If so then what is the strongest attack it's armor is rated against?
Is it armed, if so with what?
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Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Sc-fi, Horror, Steampunk, anything really
What kind of land based terrain does it specialize in?
What type of land based terrain is it terrible driving on?
How do you operate this machine?
What type of accessory does your vehicle use to get moving? [Tires, tracks, etc]
How much does your vehicle weigh?
How tall is your vehicle?


No ones asking obvious ones...
Is is 4x4/All wheel/4 wheel drive?(yes there are differences)
Does it have a locking differential?
What type of suspension does it have?
Does it have recovery capability? (winch)
Is it a uni-body?


Is it street legal?
What kind of Installments can be equipped?
Can you even install attachments onto it?
Is it amphibious?
Can the body be modified?
Does it have one or more other versions?
Militant or Civilian? (or both)
Is it safe?
What is it's mileage?
What is it's horsepower?
Tinted or non-tinted windows?
Fuel type? (Gas, Diesel, Etc.)
What states is it illegal in? (if any)
Can it be used in races?
Can it Drift?
Stock Engine?
Stock stereo?
Can nitrogenous or other speed increases be installed?
What's it's breaking point?
How much space does it have inside?
Stock color?
Outlets? (if any)
Outlet type? (if any)
How expensive is it?
How often should you expect to see it on the road?
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