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  1. Looking for someone willing to roleplay a male x male plot. This will be set in an alpha/omega universe where family bloodlines are very important. Arranged marriages are the common thing to do for children to marry into a bloodline guarantee to carry on a strong alpha with "wealthy" blood. There will be mpreg.

    I really want to go in depth with this roleplay, so I would like at leas two paragraph replies. I am asking for you to have at least six sentences per paragraph.

    Character A- Alpha (you)
    Character B- Omega (me)

    Character A and B met one another due to sheer coincidence and stayed with one another due to simple teenage curiosity. Both were very aware of the fact that Character A was already engaged to a rather wealthy female omega, but that didn't seem to stop their fast paced friendship from growing into something more. Things quickly spiral out of control when Character B discovers that he is pregnate with Character A's child. This leads to Character B quickly breaking off their relationship and having him sent away by his family without telling Character A about the child. Character A gets married in the same year and is quickly preoccupied when he discovers that he and his wife will soon be parents.

    Five years later and Character A still thinks about what could have been. He is in an unhappy marriage and is tackeling the duties of being the head of his household after having moved overseas. His wife wanted to live closer to her family and he couldn't stand to stay home. The only true joys in his life are their two beautiful children that always keep him on his toes. He thought that his life would stay this steady pace until he laid in his deathbed.

    He didn't expect to see Character B with a child that looked so similar to him while attending an elementray school feildtrip as a chaperone. There was never a thought that Character B would be an unmarried omega after these short years. Only one question rang in his mind as both their children ate their snacks together on a picnic table at the zoo. Could love still be in the air?
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  2. I may be intesested in this. :3
  3. Sweet. :) I am going to edit it now, but I forgot to mention that I like at least two paragraph replies in these types of roleplays. (six sentences minimum for each)
  4. i'm game with that. PM me?
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