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  1. I wasn't sure where such might be posted and/or if members are allowed to make resource posts, but in my short stay I've noticed that the community at large seems to be in rather dire need of a "How and When to Use an Apostrophe" guide. I'd be happy to make one if there isn't, but I haven't been on this site in some time (had to make a new account) and am not certain where to post such a thing.

    There may also be one and I just missed it. <-- Highly probable.

    Thank you for your time. c:
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  2. You can absolutely post such things in the various sections under the Content header on the forum index page. The Refining Writing section would be the best place for the sort of guide you're talking about.

    I saw the same need for education on apostrophes and wrote a guide myself in fact, but you're welcome to make your own if you like. Nobody has an exclusive claim on topics for helpful guides and such, so multiple takes on the same subject are fine. Maybe yours will reach the masses and make a difference where mine did not. :P
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  3. @Jorick

    Thank you for the quick reply! If you have already written one, I don't want to make another-- I just thought it might be helpful. Thank you for the information, though. It's nice to see that the staff have been making guides like this. c: Hopefully people continue to read them.
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