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  1. "You were my cup of tea...
    ...I drink coffee now."

    There's your prompt! Write a scene, post, or short story inspired by this quote. Don't feel pressured to include those words or write a certain way, just take whatever comes to you and roll with it!

    If your result is NSFW, please use a spoiler tag:
  2. Under the bright moonlight five shadows moved between the shadows of the tall buildings avoiding the streetlamps as they crept along the shore towards a single ship anchored to the docks. Moving towards the ship one of the shadows grabbed a nearby plank and with the help of the others placed it on the ship before each person ran up it and onto the large ship. The ship itself was a large white ship that handled transport in and out of the city, and it belonged to a small company in the city, and since the five intruders didn't have permission to board the ship they were trespassing on the property. However each man believed they were there for a cause, one that they were willing to commit an atrocity or two for, the summer had only just begun but their lives would be changed by the events to come.
    "This seems like a horrible idea."
    Except for one them.

    The man who spoke stepped into the light and adjusted the blue baseball cap on his head, Harry who stared at his compatriots with arms crossed dressed in his university's grey hoodie and a pair of blue jeans seemed distanced from their plan. His caramel skin was a stark contrast to the other four men in front of him, especially Andrew who seemed to glow in the moonlight. Contrary to his companions who were dressed in feather headdresses, shirtless with draw on tattoo's and pants looked like very offensive Native Americans.
    "What's so bad about it Harry, we're making a point, sticking it to the man for raising our taxes," one of the other man, known as Willy said.
    "...yeah I see what you're trying to do with throwing tea in the harbor I get that but this is 21st century we have twitter and facebook, there are other options."
    "Says the guy who didn't want to dress up like an Indian," Andrew said grabbing one of the crates.
    "Okay look not everything our forefathers did were great...and it was more yours than mine."
    "Oh come on the Boston Tea Party awesome, name one thing in that time period that was bad."
    "...okay valid point but still we-"
    "Yeah and the whole dressing up like Indian's thing isn't good either. You know Manifest Destiny and all that, I'm sorry but it was slightly racist."
    "Okay Harry it's a moot point about our forefathers actions but we're talking about the present, I mean if we get caught that's what, first offense, trespassing, it's not that bad."
    "Yeah...for you guys. You can walk on here in those outfits, I get caught there's a 49% chance I might get shot. Forget you guys I drink coffee now have fun with this."
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