Writing Challenge: Writing a Prophecy

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Writing a Prophecy

To Participate: WRITE A PROPHECY. Keep your prophecy at 5 sentences or less. Remember, prophecies must be vague, but not too vague. Symbolism and Metaphor is always good in prophecies.

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.
The old man put his hand over the woman's and closed his eyes. He breathed in deeply and did nothing for almost two whole minutes. His eyes then shot open. "Dear woman, love, laughter and a hint of darkness is coming for you," he whispered but the woman never moved.

(Yup... This one sucks.. XD All I got. o.o)
Sun behind the clouds shall shine, to melt away the frozen dew. Burn away the blanket of black and bring forth an age anew. With fang of steel and shell of iron, each alight with God's own grace, the sun shall tear the darkness' lace. And thus shall it be, lest the clouds be thick, for a cloud must give way for light to be free.
(The one from the chat)

At the dawn of the new darkness,
there shall come the figure of a huntress.
All shall quake in fear,
until the shattering of the crystal tear.
Then behold the red sun,
and the frozen river once again shall run.
(Okay one more I made up in chat)

Hark, I say onto thee, when the porpose of destiny desends from the celestial sea, this will mark the coming of the reign of blood. Guard ye well the child of the unicorn, for should the dark hand grasp it before the taste of golden is upon the lips, all shall parish!
When the Third Moon shall be within the Great Sea, there shall come one who shall seem to be the last great leader of the wolves, but be ware, for his bite is not that of a wolf. He shall pollute the great lines, and make no small talk among the pathetic one. If this one shall gain your heart, your soul shall be as those who have no home.

A world by Sunlight scorched,
A man in death is living,
An ocean becomes land,
These three will be the proof,
That soon all five will 'neath only one survive
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The swift, the strong and the wise
These three shall fight as one
Fire, earth and water
Ruby, emerald and sapphire
Together joined will evil end
The homeless will make their home among you, and out of them will come a ten-headed cobra. His fan shall shade you and his bite will protect you, but the people will see only a snake, and so he shall die at the hands of his sheep.