EXERCISE Writing Challenge #3: Genre & Phrase

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  1. Alright, time for a new challenge, this one will be a little different. The theme will be a genre and a phrase.

    This week's Genre: Aliens!

    This week's phrase: Not going back there again.
  2. Re: Late challenge =D

    Perched in the center of his intricately woven home , Arkimilius sat silently observing. His many eyes watched movement from below while his sensitive legs felt for any vibrations. Food had been scarce laity and if he did not feed soon he would have to move. And moving, to Arkimilius meant more than just packing up a few things and hitting the road In fact, without contact to Arachnidicon, the small spider's home planet, he would not get the proper clearance. IF he did not have the proper clearance, they would no doubt send in the winged death to tear his tiny body into pieces; Moving on a whim was NOT an option for Arkimilius. He feared that he would starve to death, but not nearly as much as he feared the winged death.

    The winged death, as most of the Earth inhabiting aliens from planet Arachnidicon referred to them as, were yellow and black predators from the sky. Their shiny, jet black eyes could easily spot their prey from high above, while sharp, venom filled stingers threatened a slow and painful death. Those that got torn to bits by powerful claws were the lucky ones. Arkimilius knew this. Last week, in human time, he had lost a mate. She was his love, his life, and the mother of his 3,000 children. She had become hungry, much in the same way that Arkimilius was now. One night as the moon shone down beams of gentle light upon the land, she ventured out in search of food. She did not make it far, They saw her and put an immediate stop to her advances. The winged death were on her faster that lightning to the ground. Within seconds she was being pumped full of the highly deadly toxin that would insure the next few hours of her life to be a painful, cramp induced hell.

    Arkimilius let eight tears slid down his cheek, but quickly shook it off as a pain struck deep into his abdomen. He needed to eat, anything would do. In the past he had preferred larger, juicer varieties of bugs, but by this point even a green shit fly would do. Anything to take this god awful pain away.

    It had been years since Arkimilius had been to his home planet of Arachnidicon. When King Archalik gave orders for volunteer spiders to travel to earth to make "observations", naturally Arkimilius, as a loyal member of the royal house, took the job. He, along with six others and their mates, traveled to earth, via silken web strands created by the mother gods (The ancient protectors of the arachnid race). Once they arrived they gathered information, mostly about the environment. The humans were no problem, once the invasion hit they would have little to no chance of survival. The spiders were a menacing breed, and although they had occupied earth for centuries, now was the dawn of a new time. A time in which humans had out lived their time on earth, and with a growling stomach, Arkimilius made a choice to leave the web. His hunger over powered him. he let out a silken rope and shot down to the sort dirt below, taking one last glance at his home.

    "Not going back there again."