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  1. Hey there!! :) I guess I'll be posting stuff here so, writing, art, and otherwise!! Enjoy!

    Since the new year is coming up I'll give ya'll a recent piece I did set during New Years Eve 2099!

    Happy New Year

    With most things there comes changes, that is especially true at the end of a century. It was year 2099, about to turn 2100, new years eve. There was a small party, well at least, this particular party was small. There were many more larger parties over the world, but this party consisted of only one person and their companion. To be a bit more specific, their android.

    This android was a fully functioning Finity-Processing Companion AI. It was humanoid in shape, white panels covering it’s androgynous body. Every part of it was smooth and well rounded, and every part of it mimicked the human form. It’s head was round, face smooth and white with little dips and bumps for the eyes and nose, both of which seemingly nonexistent on the robot. It sat on it’s knees in the middle of the living room, hands placed neatly in it’s lap.

    There wasn’t much else in the room, said room making up the entirety of the android owner’s apartment. The owner was a woman, a regular looking woman with hair to her shoulders and yellow tinted peachy skin. She was the type you wouldn’t really notice in a crowd, unless you were looking for her. She was fairly pretty, by no means unattractive, but she wasn’t outstandingly beautiful. Her name was Anna.

    Anna was an intelligent woman, she had gone through entry level education, first class education, second class education and higher education with good scores. It was easy for her to get a job as anything she wished, anywhere she wished and she chose to go to New Roma, a settlement in what was once Northern Italy. There she spent her days working as a counselor at a first class education school.

    Anna sat on the three stacked mattresses that were pushed up to the corner of the one room apartment, looking over to her android. There wasn’t much else in the apartment, a bare light bulb on the ceiling lighting everything, a tiny kitchen on the wall opposing the bathroom. There was a dresser with a television on it across from the “bed” and a book shelf next to that. It didn’t hold many actual books, books were an oddity these days, though still popular enough to stay in existence. Instead there were other things, like nicknacks and a few sets of folded clothes that wouldn’t fit in the dresser. Next to the bed there was a laptop and a cellphone, both plugged into a nearby wall socket.

    Looking at her android companion Anna spoke up. “Lucille.”

    The android lifted it’s head, “looking” to it’s owner. “Yes Anna?” It’s voice was feminine, soothing and gentle, yet still obviously artificial.

    ”What time is it?”

    ”Eleven fifty-four PM.”

    ”… Thanks Lucille.”

    ”You are welcome, Anna.”

    There was silence after that, Anna wringing her hands as she continued to hug her knees to her chest. She put her chin over her knees, peering down at her toes. “Lucille.”

    ”Yes Anna?”

    ”Play it for me again.”

    ”Play what again, Anna?”

    ”Recording 1.”

    ”Playing Recording 1.” There was a pause before another woman’s voice began playing from the automaton’s speakers. This voice was human. “I love you Anna, happy anniversary!” Another pause, the next voice was the android’s. “Recording 1, June 7th, 2096.”

    ”… Thanks Lucille.”

    ”You are welcome, Anna.”

    Getting up from the bed Anna walked into the kitchen bare feet making no noise against the wood panel flooring. She pulled a bottle of opened wine from the counter and returned to the bed, scooting back to the corner with her bottle before sitting again, turning herself to face the robot. “Lucille?”

    ”Yes Anna?”

    ”What time is it?”

    ”Eleven fifty-six.”

    ”Thanks… Begin countdown for the new year ten seconds to midnight, then play recording 139.”

    ”Count down set, Anna.”


    ”You are welcome, Anna.”

    Then silence fell as Anna slowly began to drink from the bottle, The minutes passed as years, until finally Lucille spoke up.

    ”10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Playing recording 139.” The same female voice from before spoke up. “Sorry I couldn’t be here sweetie! Work called me in again, damn them. Love you Anna! Happy new year!!”

    ”Happy new year… Wendy.”