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  1. Alright, so after years of people nagging me about my writing concepts and how they're good, I've decided to act on their advice and do something about it. For six years I've been pushing myself to write a dang story, but it's so... difficult, everything seems so... bad. Not the ideas, but how it comes out. As I went to see the movie "Getaway" last night I became aware that even the most cheap and overused ideas can become movies, and some of the garbage on TV comes from published books. People have always told me; "you can do better than them, why don't you put your stories out there?" The truth is because of two reasons, because I'm scared of losing my original ideas for money, and that they'll get a lot of hate. Since I am not neurotypical my mind processes things differently than most, and I have this overbearing desire to have people like me, and my work, and when that doesn't happen... well... But none the less as of recently I've started to smarten up and put my stuff out there. I mean I have sub-psychotic fits in which I have attempted to kill myself (during these blackouts) and so who knows what day could be my last? I have to put this my ideas out there, for even that one person to enjoy my workings and to smile with each and every word.

    So now I have to ask of you two things. First I'd like you to vote on these two ideas that I have, both for series (one is seven books long, the other five) as to which idea you could find yourself getting into the groove of more easily. Also these will only be descriptions for the first in the series's novels, just so you guys don't get too comfortable and kleptomania-ish with them...

    1) A teenage girl from Toronto Ontario gets a start one day when she and her friend are walking home from school and their attacked by demons, even more frightening her friend is killed, and in a fit of rage she manages to blast fire from her hands. She is then followed by the demons out of the city and far into the countryside until she finds a small village called Winter Crest. It's here that she meets two British fugitives framed of killing their parents, the three quickly form a small group outside the village in an abandoned manor and grow in (one way) friendships (and one way) rivalries. It's soon after that in the dead of night they hear screams and go outside to see a warthog anthrop (latter explained to be called a Grizzlesnout) holding a sword to a young man's neck and saying that he'll kill them if they don't hand themselves over to be prisoners. Out of the blue the creature is attacked by four creatures, a fenrir, a jersey devil, a werewolf, and a phantom black dog. After the GS is killed the werewolf emits a light and all four young people are rendered unconscious. When they wake up they're in another realm - Dormorn in which everything is explained. They're part of a goldly order - the Four Friends, guardians and arbiters in a time of crisis, and now is one. A vicious demon shapeshifter named Isron is trying to obtain the position of a god of death (which can be done by killing the current god) . So the four of them are called on (with their new shapeshifting and elemental powers) to negotiate with the entity of death who has divided his power into earthly people. (At the end) all the people (death's) are dead but one babe who holds the most of death's energy and has now been put into hiding. Much later in the series that child is slain and thus Isron gets his goldly position and starts the apocalypse.

    2) Two orphaned cousins are soon kicked out of their last foster home for bad behavior, when finding them a home together seems bleak a mysterious note appears on the social worker's desk, claiming that they do indeed have an uncle who wishes to adopt them. When the two are shipped off they find themselves in an orphanage their uncle runs. One night they get curious and go down into the "seemingly normal" cellar only it's changed into a prison, a prison in which a demon has been trapped. The demon tells them both that it knows their deepest desires - who their parents were, and what really happened to them. It'll be happy to share the secrets as long as they find the five pieces of a pentacle which is on the side of the wall keeping the demon trapped. After some debate they agree and get pulled into a whirlwind adventure through both the mundane world, and the other side - their homeworld. It also leads them into a tangle up with an organization called Archangel who seems to have some kind of personal grudge against one cousin for unknown reasons... (At the end) it's discovered that they and three of the other orphans at the home are demi-gods, and that the demon they have now released is known as the Game Master an ultimate creature of destruction with the hopes of pulling the worlds down to an eternity in hell in which he will rule.

    The first idea is twelve years old, and the bottom was is only two. But I have worked long and hard on them, and they're like children to me.

    So now onto the nextpart, which is still quite important. I'm looking up four people, two male, two female, two between the ages of 15 - 20, and two 20+ to read and review the winning story as I write it. Then every chapter the four of you will gather together and discuss what you all liked and what needs to be changed. Please note that I do have school coming up so chapters won't be frequent, and they will be long. So I need dedicated readers. If you're interested please leave your age range and gender here along with what you think that you could bring to helping me, and if you have any editing in you history.

    Oh and to mods, if this is in the wrong area I apologize! Please feel free to move it!
  2. The Writer's Club may be able to help?

    I don't really have any input on which idea you should go with, but I will say this

    Thinking of your ideas and stories like children is NEVER a good idea. Ideas can become dear to you and that's good, but in the writing process it is 99% likely you will have to Kill Your Darlings. Don't get too attached to your ideas; you'll probably have to cut a lot of them and change the rest drastically before everything's said and done, for the sake of the story.
  3. This one had me tearing up a bit. Let me be that person for you. I think you have a lot of potential. I know what you're going through.

    The first idea might not work in the market anymore because it has become pretty widespread these years. But twelve years ago, it could have. The second one is more fresh and catchy. Starts innocently then, bam-demons! Demi-gods! Work those cousins to make sure they don't sink into Mary Sues and this'll be epic! I could see myself buying the series!

    I'd be happy to help you in any way I could. You'll know from my profile that I'm 19 year-old girl and I've been proofreading, editing and sometimes fact-checking for my friends for years. So far, only one is truly pursuing a writing career someday. The others don't have the dedication you and her have, to them, writing is a hobby.

    To me, it's life.
  4. Also look up adoption procedures in various countries
  5. I had an orgasm while reading your second idea. Great writing and vocabulary, by the way.