Writer's Block

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  1. So, how does everyone here deal with it? Mine is especially vicious right now; I can barely think of anything decent.
  2. I freewrite.

    When I am hit with a mental block it leaks into my other skills like my drawing and painting. so What I do is write on a timed stop watch for maybe 10 minutes at most, (I would start out at 5 minutes) but For these five minutes straight just right anything, In freewriting nothing has to make sense or work.

    It can seriously be ANYTHING from one sentence to the next. Forget about the grammar and spelling and just let your mind right any words that are just sitting there.

    This helps me, I think, For the fact that it pushes all of the thought that are just sitting on the top. kinda like greasy soup...all the fat beads up at the surface and kinda makes the soup taste like poo.

    So take the spoon and sift all that BS out. Write with a pen take yourself out of the computer and away from the internet for a 10 minute gap to feel out these random thoughts. I like to go back and circle key words that stand out to me.

    I have been using this method for about 5 years and it was suggested to me by my grandmother,(a very smart lady) and it doesn't always work right away, but it certainly gets my gears oiled up and ready to go.
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  3. That's... actually kind of a genius idea, that.

    Your gran is indeed a smart lady.
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  4. That was the best advice ever right there... I feel like a useless person now because you answered the problem!
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  5. The Content forum exercises are great for busting blocks!
  6. Either I meditate or scream at my keyboard.
  7. There's only one remedy to my writer's block nowadays since it's mostly induced by me being too tired or stressed. My creative thinking doesn't really stop, I just need the motivation to write it all down into a decent post.

    What I usually have to do is just take a day off from writing. When I have tiring days, I need some time to relax and do zero thinking. I'll write down my ideas for posts somewhere, then turn my attention to something else. The next day, I pick the list back up and get started. :]
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  8. The hardest part about getting over writer's block is just forcing yourself to write.

    Don't worry about quality. Don't worry about what your content looks like. Don't worry about whether or not you know what the hell you're doing - just get yourself to write something. It's a lot easier to keep going than it is to start. Physics yo.
  9. This right here. Everything else was helpful, but this right here worked wonders.
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  10. I'm so happy that I could help :)
  11. The mind is your greatest enemy. It always searches for perfection. You must simply put your pencil to paper (or fingers to your keyboard) and continue to write no matter what. Don't think. Don't judge. Just write :).
  12. I get away from all the people for as long as I can get away with. O_O Cause people distract me.

    I also just FORCE IT. Most of my "writer's block" problems are either people-around related or personal-hangup related. Like if I haven't written in so long I think I can't do it anymore, and that's not true. So I just MAKE myself write something, be it a really short thing, or a one liner, or a challenge or something. << Once I get started it all comes back lickety split.
  13. @Diana that's good too :).