Writer's block...

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  1. How does everyone deal with it? Lately, I haven't been able to update. I've been putting it off, rather rudely, and I really need some way to get over this block. I really want to continue, but I just can't bring myself to write. The words don't come out like they normally do. I'm going through a writer's block, and a pretty hefty one.

    So, I need ideas on how to overcome this mental block. How do I get myself to write more? Because lately all I've been doing is watching reruns and playing StepMania when I should be writing.
  2. I'd rather take a drill to my temple, thanks...

    Any other ideas?
  3. Listen to music without lyrics.

    Or, open up a word document, and just force yourself to write. It don't have to have a plot, it doesn't need to start at the beginning, it doesn't even need to make sense. Just write something, and keep on writing.
  4. Reading books! Reading other people's great stories always makes me wanna write my own. >>

    Watching totally badass movie or tv. That usually gets me thinking.

    Listening to awesome songs. 8D

    Just sitting down and forcing yourself to write words. >< sometimes it really is the only way to get past it.

    An d finally.... PRIVACY! Because I am a severe introvert, if I have been around people for too long it really kills my muse. x___x it takes forever to feel "myself" again and I need a lot of alone time to recover.
  5. I second LuluRS' advice. If you feel like you have no inspiration at all, just sit down and write whatever comes to your mind, or think about what you want to write. Listening to ambient music also tends to help a lot, especially if you have a specific mood for the scene in mind, and choose music that fits the mood. However, silence sometimes works just as well as music for me, if not better. I like thinking about what should happen next in silence, then write it down, and if I do not like it, I re-write it. You just have to start at some point, because starting is always the most difficult part of writing.
  6. Off-topic: You sound an awful lot like me. XD
  7. I'll see if the music works.

    If not, I'll just force myself to update.

  8. Seeing how it takes forever for people to post replies in my threads (Few exceptions). And the fact I don't post much on chat or ooc and rarely get replied back. I tend to not suffer from writers block. A long time ago when I use to rp more actively I resolved it by running or math. But my brains special like that.
  9. I agree with Danana-chan! Reading books & other people's writings often sparks my own creativity, too!

    Sometimes watching a play or a drama works, too. My writers block usually consists of "I can't think of anything to write because I don't have ideas or motivation" so based on that, I would have to put myself in a situation where I can be a) motivated or inspired by something, or b) can develop my own ideas by reading someone elses'.

    I think it just takes a little bit of a difference in environment for me to get back into the muse.
  10. With me, I just have to get excited about what I'm writing again. :3
    So, if I'm writing a horror story and suddenly it just becomes a super lame chore, I try watching and reading horror again to try and get excited. Maybe the story has just gotten jaded for you and you need to get excited about it again?
  11. I usually say that music helps you out. That normally clears your mind.

    Also, like Diana said, books help as well.

    I also suggest you try taking a break from writing and relax, get your thoughts together.