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  1. I'll keep this short. I'm Diamond Dragon (or Dia if you prefer). I'm a semi-lit/lit roleplayer with 6 years of the writing craft under my belt! I can write one paragraph at the very least, but my average is 3-5. I tend to mirror posts though, unless I'm the one to push the plot along. I'm very friendly, and I love working together with people on plot ideas! I can play either gender, but I lean a little more towards female (since I'm a girl). And if there's any romance in an rp, I can only do fxm (Nothing personal, but my beliefs go against anything else.) Under fandoms, I personally prefer playing ocs, but you can play a canon character if you like!
    I'd like a partner that's also semi-lit/lit, can contribute ideas to a plot, is very friendly, and willing to talk in ooc as we rp. I don't mind if you can only post a few times a week, but just as long as you can keep it semi-consistent.

    -What I DO want to Roleplay (in order of desire to roleplay)-:

    Borrowers/The Secret World Of Arrietty based--basically little people living in a house/in the forest. (I have a few starting ideas, but will need help to develop a good plot.)

    A Gulliver-esque theme with Lilliput being either a candyland-like place, or a steampunk city. (Have a general idea for a plot, but help would be appreciated!)

    Professor Layton (This is the only fandom where I'm willing to play a canon character-- most likely Luke or maybe Clive if someone really wanted me to play him.)

    Miraculous Ladybug (Need help with a plot!)

    Something Minecraft/Minecraft Story Mode related (need help with a plot)

    Generator Rex

    Pokemon, preferably nuzlock style (I have a plot idea!)

    I'm open to new ideas, so you can go ahead and ask if you like!

    -What I DON'T want to RP(so please don't ask)-:



    Slice of Life

    FNAF or Undertale


    Heavy magic (Like Harry Potter level magic, with incantations and spell books. 'Magic' that works more like superpowers [e.g. Avatar-like] I'm fine with)

    Mythilogical gods/Underworlds related things

    Anything extremely dark/creepy/horror related
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  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that I prefer roleplaying over PM. But if you really want to do it over the forums, that's ok too!
  3. We had been plotting an rp for awhile then you disappeared, do you still want to do it?
  4. OH goodness, I forgot all about that! I'm so sorry! D: Yes, I'd still like to do it!
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  5. Added a roleplay idea!
  6. Added yet another!
  7. hello diamond, i read over your list and was wondering if you would like to do a vampire and werewolf thing, im a very friendly person and i can do a para if needed, i can contribute to any plots that are needed, thank you for your time
  8. Hi James! I'm very sorry, but vampires, werewolves came under the list of what I don't want to rp. I'm really not comfortable with playing with those kinds of characters...
  9. Oh that's absolutely fine! i misread what your list said. i will be back with another choice :)
  10. is the list of things you want to role play the only things you would like to do? im afraid i only know pokemon out of the list
  11. They don't have to be the only things. I'm open for other ideas. You can PM me and we can talk about it!
  12. Edited the first post yet again with some new genres I want/do not want.
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