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  1. Hello all! I posted this over in the mature section, because I didn't actually look at the one on one section. So now I'm going to post it here too. :3 Role-plays for everyone!

    A little about me (and us):

    • I only role-play gay (m/m and f/f) pairings, with a slight preference for f/f.
    • The only things I am not down for are graphic rape scenes, pedophilia or bestiality, or using our characters as human toilets.
    • Romance and sex are all fine and good, but I also like to strike a balance between that and dynamic storytelling. I love plots! I love plot twists! I love adventure!
    • I included this in my profile, but I'll include it here as well: I suffer from a chronic illness, so I sometimes take a bit to reply. I'm sorry about this! I'll try to let you know if I'm having a particularly bad week.
    • I don't do word counts; I write what needs to be said. I'm not sure if that's such a big deal on this forum, but I thought I'd include it anyway!
    • I usually come up with my characters as I go. Most of my established characters are story characters and not for role-playing, so I enjoy developing new ones based on our plot. :)
    • As for your characters, as long as they have dimension, I don't care! However, I try not to apply dom/sub labels to characters unless the role-play calls for it.

    Now for what I'm interested in role-playing!

    Italics indicates a role I would prefer to play, but by no means need to play. An exclamation mark (!) indicates that I would give my first born to play this right now. An ampersand (&) means I have a plot (or two) in mind already.

    ! Persona 4 Souji/Yosuke &, Chie/Yukiko, Souji/Kanji, Kanji/Yosuke, Adachi/Souji , Kanji/Naoto & *

    * The plot I have for these two involves Naoto actually being transgender and Kanji actually being gay and the struggles it causes for them and their relationship. Therefore Naoto’s pronouns would be he/his.

    Persona 3 Akihiko/Shinji, Minako/Aegis, Minako/Mitsuru

    Dragon Age F-Hawke/Merrill, M-Hawke/Anders, M-Hawke/Fenris, OCs

    Final Fantasy 12 Balthier/Vaan &, OCs (Vieras?)

    Silent Hill OCs only

    Harry Potter OCs only

    ! Pokemon OCs only

    League of Legends Vi/Caitlyn, Vi/Jinx

    The World Ends With You OCs only

    The Elder Scrolls OCs only

    ! Frozen Elsa/Anna < No plot ideas for these two, but I ship them like burning.

    High fantasy, urban fantasy, modern fantasy, medieval fantasy — you name the fantasy, I probably like it.

    Supernatural - vampires, lycanthropes, shapeshifters, witches, etc.

    Mythology - modern takes on gods, folklore, etc.

    Crime - organized (mafia, yakuza, etc.) or disorganized

    'Twisted' fairy tales

    A morbid future where the USA follows the steps of Russia and LGBT ‘correctional’ schools and facilities have become commonplace.

    Science Fiction - post-apocalyptic, dystopia, any nerdy sci-fi ideas you might have. I have a plot idea for a dystopic future based on The Happiness And Peace of Mind Committee. That’s a Vocaloid song. I regret absolutely nothing.

    Steampunk - I really love sky pirates, but something involving rival inventors or an inventor and his/her creation would be neat as well.

    Horror - I enjoy plots involving dangerous outbreaks. I have one in particular based off of a dream I had once.

    Kind of like instant role-play: just add plot!
    Also, I really have a thing for age differences. Reasonable age differences though; I won’t role-play characters under the age of 16.

    Teacher/Student ! &
    Twin/Twin or Sibling/Sibling ! &
    Guardian Angel/Ward &
    Street Rat/Entrepreneur ! &
    Prostitute/Client (F/F only please)
    Arranged Marriage *
    Criminal/Criminal (runaways?)
    Therapist/Client &
    Sky Pirate/Prince(ss) ! & (F/F preferred)
    Head-Hunter/Shapeshifter &
    Rival Inventors
    Master/Slave **
    Shapeshifter/Human &
    Automaton/Human ! & (F/F preferred)
    Your average Vampire/Human/Werewolf/What-Have-You &
    Serial Killer/??? ***
    Cannibal/??? ***
    Trans(wo)man/Cis (wo)man

    * Not like, ‘couple is arranged and live happily ever after.’ Like ‘one character is arranged to marry some random dude/lady, falls in love with another dude/lady, angst ensues’

    ** I’m wibbly on this. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, but I’d also only like to do it if you have a good solid plot for it, because I don’t have any ideas and I don’t like generic ‘you are my master, I’m your slave, let’s have lots of kinky sex for the entire role-play’ plots.

    *** These are very specific, I know. ‘???’ covers various things, like a cop/detective, or an unsuspecting friend of theirs, a protege, etc. Please have basic knowledge of this topic!

    Whatever else you can think of. Probably. I have so many ideas running around in my head that I find it difficult to list them all. Feel free to tell me about your own plots/pairings/ideas/etc. I love looking over them!
  2. Silent Hill, Harry Potter, and Sibling x Sibling <-- Really interested in those. It doesn't matter if F x F or M x M. Pm mee!!
  3. What about prostitute x client rp with that plot? And I have a little idea for a plot past that!
  4. And I've done a master x slave and I'll do that too!
  5. Merman(maid)/Human


    Twin/Twin or Sibling/Sibling !

    I would love to hear your plot for the twin one I have an idea as well but its very......odd
  6. mythology/folklore

    twisted fairy tale *

    steam punk (inventor//creation) *





    * ideas I really like and/or have a plot for

    I'd love to hear from you :)
  7. I'm interested in doing teacher/student, twin/twin or sibling/sibling, and arranged marriage

    any fantasy, supernatural and twisted fairy-tales.

    I'll be fine with M/F or M/M. I tried F/F numerous times but I just can't get into it >.<
  8. OHMYGAWD, I have a cannibal, I have organized crime, and Hell, Foka is Bi!<3

    < From my RP search.

    There's also a snippet on him in that thread too, under his name. > https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/looking-for-partners.41707/

    Uhm, I'm not FANTASTIC with male on male pairings, but I guess I could do an exception, since you've got almost exactly what I want Q~Q Gulliver will sacrifice~

    Also, I, uh, kinda suck with sex scenes >///> I like to think I do okay right up until it's time for that action, and I can do a pretty decent cliff-hanger... But, I just, have no sexual prowess . _. All of the 'sex' in my writing is in the violence and gore :I
  9. Hello there. ^.^

    I'd love to do a Harry Potter m/m with OC's. :3
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