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Write a story!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Each person will write a sentence that loosely relates to what others have posted so far to create a story of sentences! Pull the thread into happy bliss mode, or make it dark and emo! It's up to you, just post!

    Sunlight filtered through the panes of glass overhead, falling onto the glossy head of hair belonging to a girl seated on a bench below.
  2. Just under the bench a tiny mouse looked up at the seated girl in wonder.
  3. Just then, the mouse's nagging mate came out of the mousehole nearby and began to nag at him.
  4. With a small frown, the girl looked down at the pair of mice, gently scooping up the first with her lithe fingertips.
  5. There was a small snarl as a cat came crawling from the left, her eyes on the mice.
  6. *letting out a tiny sqeak the mouse ran into the girls sleeve to hide as its mate ran away into the tall grass.
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  8. Just then, came a pack of other cats from the alley ways, joining up with the first, as they begsn to hiss at one another for the mouse.
  9. A man wearing an olive drab trench coat and gray jeans walks by, watching the pack of cats.

    He decides to walk up to one of them and pat it on the back with his shiny leather boot.
  10. The first mouse shivers and hides as the second is frozen in fear and knows its time has come..
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