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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Drama. Also, romance is required with me because I will get bored without it.
Time for a break from poetry. For this challenge, you need to write out a personality for the person in the picture above. At least a paragraph would be nice with a minimum of 5 sentences. Some people seem to struggle with writing out personalities, so this is good practice! Below is a list of things to consider:

  • How do they interact with others?
  • What's their past like?
  • Are they friendlier with the opposite sex or same sex? Equally friendly with both?
  • How do they view society?
  • What's the character's ambition?
  • How did past relationships affect them?

    You're welcome to write more than a personality, such as a tidbit of history that would go along with it. Or a name for the character!
Sarah tapped her forefinger to her chin in thought, she was always thinking about things like this. 'Things like this' meaning romance, she was overly into finding 'the one' and always had bad luck with her quest. When her thoughts turned in this direction she always came up with the same conclusion, it had to be a daddy complex or something. Growing up she had never known her dad and what her drunk mother had told her wasn't exactly nice. So when chosing a man she seemed to go with guys who she knew would flake sooner or later in the relationship. Of course that wasn't the only problem. The best type of men just never appeared to like her quirky way of talking, she liked to babble about stupid things or talk to much about subjects that barely anyone knew. They just didn't like her way of interacting with people she guessed, or maybe they were afraid of girl who keep up her end of a conversation? It didn't matter because one day she would fine 'the one' and he'd be like her other half, or so the romance novels she read told her. Oh well, she thought with a wistful sigh, maybe her best friend had some advice on her issue? Probably not, her one and only girl friend wasn't exactly fond of hearing about her problems, but atleast she pretended every now again. Just then an attractive man walked into the coffee shop she was in and she bit her lower lip. He looks like he'd be my type...

Wrote it in story format. Hope that's okay.
I wrote this for an RP post, but I think it works nicely:
Todd smiled and plucked off his glasses, revealing clear blue eyes - very light, nearly blood shot. He began to clean his glasses with the hem of his shirt, "I remembeh lots things. Nothin' that you people would find interestin'. In fact, yeh might actually 'ate me for it," He considered his statement for a moment, and looked over the group of people that he had gathered around him, "Well, 'ate me more than you alreadeh do." He flopped on the floor of the room, tossing out the Baretta from his pocket, and leaning against a wall, looking up at the peeling ceiling. He thought about everything he had ever done, all the wrong he'd ever done, and realized that despite all of that, he regretted very little of it. It had all been fore a reason. There had to be enjambers, because without them, nothing would ever come to an end, and the natural order would be completely upset.

He looked up at the ceiling as if inspecting and listed off some of what he remembered, and told himself 'to hell with whatever they might think of you. You are going to live and they are going to die -- so it doesn't make a difference what they learn',
"I remembeh my name. Me name is Todd Renard. I'm an enjamber and cause enjambment. Me last client was named Jason. 'e died alone in a filtheh 'ole like an animal. I remembeh that I did my job, and 'e raped his best friend. I remembeh that Cor did 'is job and Jason blew his buddeh's and his brains out," Todd swallowed, and went on, remembering everything about that job, "I remembeh eatin' candy with Cor in the park. He drew his and I drew mine and we blew our brains out. Just like Jason. It din' mattah. Todds come back. There's always a Todd," he glanced at his compatriots. They couldn't understand that. Todd wasn't even immortal, but he jumped around, jumping in and out of people through time and through history, and he had always been a part of the world.

He stood up, and placed his sunglasses back on his face, blowing out a cloud of blue smoke from a black cigarette,
"Yeh know, I've been doing my job since the Victorian fops were persecuted? Previously, my job had been done by other Todds, but this Todd 'as done 'is job since 1880," He smirked a little, and stretched. Todd glanced at Prestal, "So you've gotta wife. How nice fer yeh," He looked at Ellie, "You've gotcher dog," and he pointed at Rhyme, "And she don't got anything except 'er own lack o' clarity," He smiled a bit to himself, leaning against the wall, nudging the gun on the floor with his foot, "All I got is the dark 'eart of man and the tiniest hope that as the days go by, man will still want, and man will still rape."