Write a character based on a beverage.

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    You've seen character and writing challenges based on pictures, writings, food, candy and even colors. but no one has ever come up with this. Write a character that is either drunk or write a character sheet based on a drink. the character sheet can be as big or as short as you want.
  2. Character Sheet

    Name: Screwdriver (orange juice and vodka)
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: An orange-red haired, fair skin young man with rosy cheeks. He is an average build and average height for a man his age with nothing really exciting about him. There is a sort of harshness in his facial expressions, but never comes across as anything threatening due to his ginger hair.

    Fashion: Screwdriver is a serious man who wears purely comfort clothes. Mostly sweatpants or jeans with a T-shirt or hoodie and either flip flops, open toed sandals, or Crocs.

    Personality: A naturally stoic young man who tries his best to hide his sad, painful life by making up or exaggerating adventures in life to his friends who just want to sit around and do nothing all day. He is a bit anti-social, preferring to invite the few friends he has over to his house than ever going out. When he does go out, he is a wallflower and someone no one takes a second glance at.

    After a couple of conversations with Screwdriver, he starts to slowly become angry and slightly combative. But, never enough to start an actual fight. By then, the conversation moves onto someone more exciting, sweet, or harder than Screwdriver ever will be. Screwdriver is the type of friend you talk to when there's no one else to talk to.

    Brief History: Screwdriver was born in the troubled countryside of Russia, but dreamed of leaving the blizzard conditions for the fun and sunshine of the tropics. He is a son to Vodka, a legendary anti-hero of the lands with a strong cult-like following. Out of the Vodka family, Screwdriver is the most tame, passive, and least likely to ever do anything bad. He is pushed aside by his brothers and sisters, left to find his own path in life.

    (So, I hope I did this right! If not, I still had fun doing this XD)
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    ~ Kiwi Sangria ~

    Age : 22
    Sex : Male
    Gender : Queer

    Personality : A Study

    The very essence of tart yet sweet, Kiwi has a seemingly conflicted character. He is very kind and never raises his voice. However he has a biting sense of humor that will show when you least expect it. A sly comment here, a sarcastic remark there, and the occasional upfront teasing are what make his comicality. Kiwi is confident in himself and even though he's a bit small and less risque, he enjoys putting on a show for friends and family.

    Short Biography : A History

    Kiwi was born and raised in Costa Verde, Portugal. He was popular with both young adults and more mature. His happiest experiences were at the many dinner parties and small events he was either invited to or hosted. Eventually he tired of the same old routine and moved to America. Kiwi matured greatly as he became independent and he spent more time with those younger than him. He took up tutoring and prepared teens for the 'real world'. Kiwi still has a lot of pizazz and dreams in life with no interest in fretting over the small things.

    (Inspired by the White Sangria with Kiwi)
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